Top 10 Domains You Often Visit That are Worth Millions of Dollars

Make your online identity by buying a domain name. Check the list of the top 10 expensive domains that are purchased in millions.

4 years ago
Top 10 Domains You Often Visit That are Worth Millions of Dollars

If you think ‘What’s in a name’ this list of expensive domains would make you think the phrase AGAIN. How many times have you tried buying a unique domain name for your website? Or wanted to own a domain name that is already purchased by someone else? In my case, I always get the message ‘That’s UNAVAILABLE’ because there are already millions of websites registered on the internet.

Your domain name identifies you from the rest, and it is unique only to you. Sometimes, especially business-minded people use attractive names for their business because their real names don’t match with their personalities. This is also the case for the internet.

No two domain names can be the same. However, you can start a business by buying a domain name at a low price and selling it at a high price. Registering the right domain name at a low price is like winning a free trip to Las Vegas. Prices of domain sometimes range from a few dollars to millions. The price of a domain name depends on several factors. The shortest and the catchiest name could be worth $4million.

Several domains attracted a large audience, while other domains turned controversial for many reasons. Same is the case with TLD (Top Level Domains). Earlier, the use of custom Top-Level Domains was strictly prohibited, but with the changing years, the ICANN allowed business/organizations to add their custom domains. For instance, now you can see the websites with .com, .org, .hotel, and more.

The company wants customers to remember their name, and it should describe their products and services. If you are also planning or searching for a unique name for your blog or website, know that nearly 90% of words from the dictionary are already booked so you better search a lot or create a name that one can’t think of. For some, pricing is not an issue, and they buy domain names with a high price, hoping that their name would work for them.

Here are a few domain names that are sold in millions. See how crazy the prices can be for a website.

1. - $90 Million (ongoing installments)

Source = Grouponcdn

Can you believe this? Yes, Las Vegas is one of the hottest cities in the world and the most expensive city in the world, so is its website. Sold in 2005, LasVegas domain represents entertainment and gambling industry and the city tourism. The domain name was purchased by, LLC at 12 million dollars cash in 2005. However, this was only a one-time payment.

The purchase agreement specified additional future payments that go like $83,000 for 36 months, approximately $25,000 for another 60 months and then $208,000 for the next 36 months. These installments would continue till 2040. It is one of the top results when you search for Las Vegas on Google.

Next time, you come across, remember that you are viewing a million-dollar website. (16.1)

2. - $49.7 Million

Source = Mostexpensivedomain

As the name implies, the website is for shopping on auto insurance. The domain name CarInsurance was purchased by QuinStreet in 2010. The company provides top-rate consumer info and experiences.

If you ever want to compare insurance policies, visit Type your zip code, and it provides a list of best insurance providers such as AARP and CIG. It also features an insurance calculator and in-depth articles on car insurance policies. (16.2)

3. - $35.6 Million

Source = Martopolis

This high-value domain was again purchased by Quin Street. It is a shopping portal that offers info on the home, life insurance, health, and shows quotes from leading insurance companies.

The domain name is worth $35.6 million because insurance is the most common keyword on Google and other search engines. Moreover, the website also has useful and informative content that attracts a large audience. (16.3)

4. - 35 Million USD

Source = Andreacrossmangroup

The domain name is sold to HomeAway in 2007 for $35 million. Today, is the best website to get vacation deals in the US.

Don’t forget to check if you are planning to visit the US anytime soon, because it has the best deals and great content for wanderlust. It features booking for condos, cabins, beach houses, and more. (16.4)

5. - $30.18 Million

The fifth domain name that comes on the list is It is purchased by Nations Luxury Transportation, LLC from Don’t Look Media Group. The company delivers the industry’s best platform for aircraft acquisition, private jet sales, including Worldwide Lifestyle Events, several magazines, and other strategic partnerships.

It is recognized as the best aviation company, both offline and online. The site redirects to where you can compare hundreds of private jet charter prices. (16.5)

6. - $30 Million 2019

Source = Domainpulse is sold to (social media platform) for $30 million in 2019. It allows the user to tell the world about interesting hot topics.

Select a category from humor, culture, politics, sport, philosophy, blockchain, and more. Earn voice tokens to make your profile more visible to the world. (16.6)

7. - $18 Million

Source = Marketing91 is again purchased by QuinStreet. The company bought the domain at $18 million from WebMediaBrands in 2009. QuinStreet, Inc is the largest internet marketing service providers in the world. is an ad-free website that offers info on internet trends and products. If you are planning to buy your domain, then visit because the site redirects to the website where you can purchase your domain. (16.7)

8. - $17 Million

Source = 360 was sold to Qihoo for $17 million in 2015. The number 360 is one of the special numbers that signifies a circle in degrees and shows a full vision of an object or activity.

Qihoo360 is a Chinese Internet platform company with a large active user base. Its products and services are supported by cloud-based security technology, which is the most robust technologies in the internet security industry. (16.8)

9. - $16 Million

Source = Mostexpensivedomain provides quotes and news on insurance. Compare the prices of different insurances and get info about insurance providers.

Do you know in 2008, there was a huge slowdown in domain sales? But when was purchased by QuinStreet, people believed that domains are back and can become a part of the investment.

Can you believe a one-word domain can be sold in millions? I too didn’t believe it, until I purchased a domain ‘’ in lakhs (in dreams). (16.9)

10. - $14 Million

It is not surprising that is purchased in $14 million. This domain name exists since 1990 and has been attracting millions from around the world. is an adult site purchased for $14 million by Gary Kremen who is also the owner of

Once an interloper named Stephen Cohen took over the site and made money via online ads. The owner Gary sued Cohen, won the legal battle and received a payout of $65 million for his case.

Most of the porn sites are sold in millions because words like sex, porn, adult, and more are the most searched words on the internet.

Calculate Your Domain Worth

Now that you know domain names can be sold and purchased in millions, you might be wondering what the worth of your domain name is. Several websites exist where you can get the approximate value of the domain.

You can also check the domain valuation tool to get an idea about the domain value if you want to sell it. But before you buy or sell a domain name, make sure that you have read all the instructions and rules specified when you participate in the domain sale.

Final Words

This is the list of top 10 expensive domains till June 2019. Millions of domains exist today, and thousands of domains are purchased every day. So it is difficult to rank the most expensive domains. These were the most common expensive domains that you visit very often.

What are your thoughts on it? Would you ever buy any of these expensive domains? Maybe! I would if I was a Billionaire ;)


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