Explore Andaman & Nicobar: The Heaven For Snorkeling lovers

India’s stretched coast is b...

3 years ago
Explore Andaman & Nicobar: The Heaven For Snorkeling lovers

India‚Äôs stretched coast is blessed with  beautiful Coral Reef and vivid marine life. The crystal clear blue- green water gives an amazing view of the shallow Coral Bed while snorkeling or Sea Walking   at Andaman & Nicobar Island.

The activity is gaining quick popularity among the tourists who are afraid of going deep in the sea. For Snorkeling , all you require is a diving mast , snorkel and swim fins which are mainly provided by the instructor who conduct a 2-3 days class to t

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When you finally snorkel among the fishes, tortoise and coral the experience is mesmerizing. You get sea food from your instructor and when the fishes come to nibble it from your hand, it gives you goose bumps. You can also get your underwater pictures cl

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After Snorkeling you can also enjoy the white sand beaches of the Havelock Island, the jetty ride or visit the light house. If you want to go a step further then you can register yourself for scuba diving.

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