Discover The Mystery Of Edakkal Caves

If you are an adventure travel...

2 years ago
Discover The Mystery Of Edakkal Caves

If you are an adventure traveler or a history lover then Edakkal caves in the Ambukuthi Hills in North Kerala is a must visit place.  To reach the cave one has to trek about 4000 ft up the mountain. The journey is worth it takes you through lush green scenery across the coffee plantations. At the top of the mountain is the ticket office from where you officially get to enter into a lost era of history during tour visit to the cave.

These caves have taken their shape due to a boulder which has wedged between two bigger rocks. Local people associate the caves with stories of stay of lord Ram, Luv, Kush and other local deities. Edakkal caves have high archeological significance as res

Source = Kerelatourism

Considered as one the earliest center of human habitation, the walls of the Edakkal cave are adorned with ancient stone scripts and pictorial inscriptions of human and animal figures that date back to Neolithic age. Inside the cave images of king, queen,

Source = Ekerela
The best time to visit is from December to May during morning hours and the trek is avoidable during the rainy season as the rocks may be slippery.

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