Massive Stone Sphere That Show Lost Civilization

It may sound strange but a Bosnian archaeologist discovered a giant massive stone sphere which shows the existence of a lost civilization.
Archaeologist Dr. Sam Osmanagich made the discovery of the stone in the Podunavlje forest in mid of March. He believes that it is the largest stone ball in the world.
So far, less than half of the ball has been uncovered, it estimates -
• Radius between 1.2 and 1.5 meters (about 3 feet, 11 inches to about 4 feet, 11 inches)
• Mass comes to be 30 tons.

What Would be the Significance of this Discovery?

It would be a proof that Southern Europe, Balkan and Bosnia were home for advanced civilizations.
They had high technology, different than ours. It shows the new the power of geometrical shapes, as sphere is one of the most powerful shapes along with pyramidal and conical shapes found in Bosnia.
Osmanagich wrote. “They knew Planetary energies better, living in the harmony with our Mother Earth.”

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