Unveiling Interesting Facts About Raja Ravi Varma

Born in Kilimanoor (Kerela), Raja Ravi Varma is considered as The father of modern Indian art. Here are some rarely known facts about him.

Raja Ravi Varma’s uncle recognized his art talent when he discovered Raja Ravi Varma’s paintings on the walls of his house. At the age of 14 he was taken to Travancore palace to learn painting from the palace painter.

His work gained popularity in the next eight years and a separate post office was opened for him at the palace since as he received hundreds of letters daily.

In 1873 he was the first Indian artist to receive  a prize at the Vienna art exhibitions. Later he stopped taking part in any competition.

Raja Ravi Varma was one of the first artists to  set up a press and produce thousands of copies of his paintings. He was paid Rs 50,000 by the king  Ayilyam Thirunal, for a set of 14 paintings.

A tribute was paid to Raja Ravi Varma by weaving a saree that depicted his famous painting “Lady Musicians” and 10 other small paintings on it. This saree is recorded in the Limca Book of world records as the most expensive saree in the world.

He was the first painter who presented gods as humans.He modelled hindu goddesses on south Indian woman as he considered them very pretty.  Some of his famous work include Krishna and Subhadra, Shakuntala, Shantanu & Matsagandha,  Victory of Indrajit, etc.

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Source = Kerelatourism
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