10 Popular Coffee Paintings From Last Decades

Art is a style to express imagination in the form of beautiful and creative pictures. One such form of art is coffee paintings that are admired by people across the world.

6 years ago
10 Popular Coffee Paintings From Last Decades

Art is displayed in different forms. It can be a picture painted with colors or a sculpture, a beautiful art with coffee powder in coffee mug, or a sculpture on the coffee bean. Artist’s creative mind led to the innovation of the coffee paintings which has gained a lot of popularity all over the world.

Artists even have the talent of using the spills of coffee if it fell on the canvas. Shades of coffee are used to make the picture beautiful and attract the people’s attention towards it. The more the attraction the more people will be compelled to buy a coffee painting.

It is an easy and extraordinary way to make life sketches on the white paper. The art of such a kind is said to be monochromatic which means to paint or draw something with one color. But such an art knows no limits and goes beyond the boundaries.

For making coffee paintings, we need to prepare the coffee solution in different shades in order to make it more natural and attractive. There are a lot of artists who tried to portray their imaginations with the coffee solutions and let it portray in many paintings.

1) Sleeping Angel by Georgeta Blanaru

Source = Pinimg

We all at some point or the other wants to have a look at the angels of God. So this picture is especially drawn for the kids who have not seen angels in reality but wish to see them once in the life time. Angels are present in the real world but we fail to see their beauty in human forms.

This painting was made by Georgeta Blanaru who is a self-taught artist. She tries to pictures and introspects things which are not ordinary. She is a trained artist in the classical form of paintings. Her paintings have gained a lot of appreciation throughout the world.

2) Rural Landscape By Sunshine Plata

Source = Rogersfamilyco

Another popular artist use coffee in the form of the paint on the canvas. She is a Filipino artist Sunshine Plata who loves to paint and portray the art in the form of coffee painting.

Source = Rogersfamilyco

She produces different shades of brown by mixing coffee powder with water. Her coffee works have been exhibited in the Ripley's museum in the New York city. She uses coffee to painstakingly create rural paintings.

3) Taiwanese song-writer Jay Chou

Source = Odditycentral

Hong Yi’s is the famous artist who only uses coffee and mugs to paint. Her paintings are unique and stunning. She uses the stains of the coffee to portray the landscape or portraits by using the bottom of the cup.

Her one most popular painting was the portrait of the famous Taiwanese song-writer Jay Chou. Isn't it creative to use nasty rings of coffee to produce a beautiful art work?

4) World’s Largest Coffee Bean Painting

Source = Netdna-ssl

For the coffee art lovers this is the best and the world’s largest Coffee painting created by the Russian artists Arkady kim. This painting was developed using the 1 million coffee beans and it took around 12 days to complete it.

This stunning piece of art  was exhibited in the Moscow's Gorky Park at 1st July.  For producing different shades of coffee the beans were roasted to make it an epic.

5) Bull dog by Georgeta Blanaru

Source = Fineartamerica

This English Bull Dog painting is done by using the coffee on the special paper. This painting is made by Georgeta Blanaru.

6) Love Unfolding by Steven Mikel

Source = Stevenmikel

This beautiful flower is made by Steven Mikel who is a part time painter in Florida and basically painted coffee art. Since then he started taking coffee painting seriously. He makes different hues and makes it more attractive and real.

The petals in this picture are creative and look beautifully pleasant to look at.

7) Sweet village home by Godfrey Caleb

Source = Geronimo

This painting is made by Godfrey Caleb and is one of the coffee art. The painting displays a village home which is made up of straw and woods. To give a natural effect shades of coffee is used in it perfectly.

He is quite interesting person and his love for coffee painting was developed accidently. He makes beautiful landscapes and also portraits of coffee.

8) Portrait of Audrey Hepburn by Dirceu Vega

Source = Netdna-ssl

This famous painting of British Actress and Model of the Golden age made by Dirceu Vega. She is known for her fashion and films even she is renowned for her dance and work for humanities.

9) Portrait By Josephine Ryan

Source = Netdna-ssl

This beautiful painting is made by the Josephine Ryan.

10) Memories of Amsterdam

Source = Netdna-ssl

Dark roast water colors were used by Steven Mikelin most of his paintings to make it more genuine and catchy.  He paid a tribute to  European city Amsterdam by his painting.

These are some of the beautiful paintings painted with coffee created by various famous artists in the world!


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