10 Common Misbelief About RMS Titanic For Your Curiosity

It's about more than 100 years the dreadful incident of the Titanic took place. People are still fascinated by the tragedy and keep on rolling and spreading some myth about the tragedy. In this article, we have garnered the 10 myths about the Titanic tragedy.

6 years ago
10 Common Misbelief About RMS Titanic For Your Curiosity

The tale of the famous RMS Titanic needs no introduction. This miserable incident happened in April 1912 still fascinates people around the world. The biggest ocean liners of that time, set sail for New York with more than 2,200 people and accidentally crashed with an iceberg and had sunk to the bottom of the Atlantic Ocean, in which more than 1,500 passengers and crew were dead and rest were safe with the help of 20 lifeboats. (3.1)

The story of the Titanic is truly a nightmare for those who survive it and also for the people who heard about this dreadful incident.

Just like every awful incident talked about around the world, people begin to talk about it too but it was not at all conventional. However, Some are true, and some are actually the misconception, that people assume by themselves only or heard from any source about the secrets of Titanic

1) It Was Not Titanic

Source = Cloudfront

It was a rumor that time that the ship wasn’t Titanic that sank in April 1912. Instead, it was her sister ship, Olympic which was switched with Titanic. People thought that the reciprocation of the ships was performed in order to accomplish some insurance scheme. Reportedly the Olympic was involved in two collisions within a month of its launch and the damage was quite extreme and the repairs would have been so expensive.

And people thought that in order to demolish all the financial loss they (White star line which operated the ship) planned this. You can read about this theory in Robin Gardiner's book Titanic: “The Ship that Never Sank?”

2) Unsinkable Ship

Source = History

Many people have misinterpretation that The Titanic was safe and designed to be unsinkable but, the truth is that is was never promoted as an Unsinkable ship. In fact, it was practically unsinkable and even the oceans liners’ builders never claimed that the ship was absolutely risk-free. Although, there was some brochure which indicated that the ship is unsinkable but, they never widespread.

3) People Dead Due to Lack of Boats

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Another misconception about the ship is that it didn't have enough lifeboats for everyone. But, at time of sail, regulation team declared that the ship required total 16 boats and it actually carried four extra boats. However, the idea of boats is completely irrelevant at that time because officers didn’t even enough time to launch and lower the boats.

Also, many passengers were reluctant to get into the ship, some had to be convinced and some directly refused so, according to the situation we can’t say the whole death tragedy belongs to insufficient boats.

4) Attacked By German U- Boat

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Despite the fact that the Titanic was crashed to the iceberg some people have claimed that it was sunk by an outside force i.e. German submarine. Although, it was again a misinterpretation, several supporters of this theory pointed out one claim that survivors heard explosions but, there is no such evidence.

5) Time Travel Sank The Ship

Source = Tosshub

Another conspiracy theory about the Titanic claims that it was time travelers which actually sank the Titanic. The theory started with an interview with a podcast known as Startalk, Neil deGrasse Tyson who said that the reason why the Titanic sank was that time traveler, they wanted to see the iceberg but got failed  and that’s why the ship sank. Well, obviously it was a joke but there were several people who started believing in this statement.

6) The Titanic Band Didn’t Play a Slow Haunting Song

Source = Joytunes

It was a misbelief that the band of the Titanic performed a slow haunting song at the time when the ship sank instead they were actually admiring their duty with true dignity.

They actually met on the deck of the ship, took out their instruments, and, started playing a classical tune. Although we don’t have clear details what the band played, passengers said that it was a folk classical song surely not a haunting song.

7) The Mummy’s Curse

Source = Wormstedt

Another conspiracy begins with the Unlucky Mummy. Actually, in 1889, the British Museum holds an Egyptian mummy which is mainly known for the misfortune. While we don’t know it is true or not but, people really believe that the mummy brought misfortune. The Titanic conspiracy began when some people believed that the new owner of the mummy was trying to board the ship. Although there is no evidence which proved that mummy was actually on the ship, even the mummy is still on display at the British Museum today.

8) UFO Attack

Source = Inquisitr

Seems like no conspiracy can be finished without UFO and aliens. According to weekly world news, some people have evidence that UFO passed lesser at the Titanic, it is like ridiculous. A Scientist named Dr. Josef Hostettler claimed that it was an attack by an underwater alien spacecraft. Well, there was very few evidence but when it comes to alien and spacecraft we can’t say much.

9) Fire in Cool Bunker

Source = Cbsistatic

A documentary Titanic: The New Evidence actually belongs to this theory according to which a fire was burning near the hull of the Titanic three weeks before its maiden voyage. After this people started believing that the ship sank because of fire not because of ice. According to them the fire weakened the steel of the ship and made it so thin for an iceberg to hole through the side. There are some photographs of the ship with black marks and some people called it burn marks. However, there is no any new update that would support this theory.

10) Expansion Joints

Source = Pia

This theory states that there were expansion joints at the bottom of the ship due to which The Titanic breaks down during any rough storm. The theory actually originated by History Channel named Rushmore DeNooyer and the only proof that they have is that one of the White Star Liners that was built later which had more expansion joints installed as a safety precaution ( the HMHS Britannic). But, this evidence was not justified and sufficient.

Just like every major tragedy, the Titanic is one of the worst disaster in history. It is such an endless topic talked about around the world, people will keep on speculating that there may be more to the story and we can’t stop them, but with this article, we can surely demolish it. (3.2)


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