10 Odd Couples from Around the World You Won’t Believe Exist

When individuals usually prefer getting married to a person with a similar culture and preferences, some odd couples from around the world break the stereotypes.

5 years ago
10 Odd Couples from Around the World You Won’t Believe Exist

What would be your priority if you are asked to choose your life partner? Money, career, or family? It doesn’t matter whether you got married to the richest person on the earth or a famous celebrity. Until and unless you do not fall in love with each other, marriage can’t be successful.

In the 21st century when interracial marriages have become common, same-sex marriage has become legal (in countries like Ireland, Canada, South Africa, Spain and more). When love is real, people don’t care about height, weight or age. 

Let us now see some bizarre relationships existing on the earth. A successful relationship between a dwarf and 6.3 ft tall woman and a marriage between a woman and a dog would surprise you in many ways. Let’s begin!

1. Ahmed Muhamed Dore and Safia Abdulleh

Source = Blogspot

The age gap between Ahmed Muhamed Dore and Safia Abdulleh makes this pair the weirdest couple of all. Can you imagine a man marrying at the age when he could be dying anytime? Ahmed Muhamed was 112 years old when he tied the knot with Safia Abdulleh. Surprisingly, the girl was only 17 at that time. 

Ahmed is one of the oldest men on the earth to be born in the 18th century.  Safia was his sixth wife. At the marriage, he was already a father to 13 children and a husband to five wives (out of which 3 died). In fact, when they were getting married, his eldest son was 80 years old.

What would you do if you are asked to marry a person who is five times older than you?

2. 9-Year-Old Boy getting married to 62-Year-Old Woman

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You may find this weird, but it is true. A 9-year-old Sanele Masilela tied the knot with 62-year-old Helen Shabangu in Tshwane in South Africa. Helen was a mother of 5 when she walked down the aisle with Sanele. Dressed in a bow tie and a silver suit, the couple exchanged rings in front of 200 guests and even exchanged a kiss.

The marriage between the odd couple shocked the community but the family told that it was just a wedding ritual and not an official binding.

Sanele’s mom said:

“This is the first time this has happened in the family.”

Sanele is named after his grandfather who never had a white wedding before he died so asked Sanele to get married. He chose Helen because he loves her.

Sanele further added, 

“By doing this we made the ancestors happy. If we hadn't done what my son had asked then something bad would have happened in the family. I didn't have a problem with it because I know it's what the ancestors wanted and it would make them happy.”

The couple didn’t sign the marriage certificate and is back to their normal lives. Wow! This was shocking and a great gesture at the same time. The couple is married-not married and enjoying their life.

3. When a Dwarf Marries a Transgender Woman

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When getting married to a transgender is not welcomed in the society, a cute little dwarf broke the taboo relationships and got hitched with a 6.3 ft tall transgender woman. This is the only couple known of its kind in the world. 4 foot 4 inches tall Anton Craft is said to be the strongest man of his class. China Bell said it was love at first sight when she saw Danish Dwarf. Bell was born as a male and then transitioned to a female.

The strong relationship between this odd couple proves that true love doesn’t care about gender or height. The height difference between the couple truly shocked the crowd but who gives a shit when you are in LOVE. Don’t you think they make an awesome couple?

4. The Love Between a Grandmother and a Grandson

Source = Cloudmind

What will you call this pair? Cool or weird? So far, you have seen the example of weird couples – a dwarf and 6.3ft, an old man getting married to a teen and more. But have you heard about the sexual relationship between a grandmother and a grandson? Yes, you read it right!  31-year-old Kyle Jones is in love with his 91-year-old grandmother Marjorie McCool. You could have several reasons to call this duo a weird couple. But as said love always finds its way.

5. When a British Woman Married to a Dog Called Sheba

Source = Wonderslist

According to a study, people always look for a partner who shares similar choices and priorities. For instance, white look for white, black look for black, and so on. But a relationship between this odd couple would surely shock you because it is not a usual relationship between a man and a woman. It is the story of a British woman Amanda Rodgers who found her true love in a dog Sheba after her marriage failed.  She decided to choose a non-human partner instead of a man. 

When asked why did she do this, Amanda replied – 

“Sheba had been in my life for years, making me laugh and comforting me when I was feeling low. I couldn’t think of anything more I’d need from a life partner.”

6. Victor Peralta and Gabriela

Source = Express.co.uk

Victor Peralta and Gabriela are both cool and make for a unique couple in the list. They are quite weird and hold a record of having the most tattoos on the body. The couple has 77 modifications between them – 11 body implants, forked tongue, 5 dental implants, 50 piercings and more. 90% of Victor’s body is covered with the tattoo while 65% is for Gabriela. This open couple has been together for 13 years, and they say that they are perfect for each other. Their similarities of getting inked attracted them toward each other.

Victor said - 

“We spent Valentine's Day together, we prepared a meal together and I was able to share the day with my Queen, Gaby.”

He further said, 

“We met 18 years ago, we are perfect for each other and we love each other very much. We both have lots of tattoos and modifications and we continue to get them - we don't really care what other people think.”

Wow! That is so cool. Victor has been a professional piercer for over 15 years, and Gabriela is a body modifier for 5-6 years. They might be an ugly couple for you, but they are beautiful in their own way.  

7. Mindie Kniss and Sean Stephenson

Source = Rvcj

Both Sean Stephenson and Mindie Kniss are motivational speakers. The two met through a common friend in 2009 and got hitched in 2012. Sean was born with disease osteogenesis (Brittle Bone Disorder) due to which he has weak bones and uses a wheelchair to move. When the society disparaged him for this condition, Sean found his true love in Mindie Kniss who is perfectly normal. A beautiful woman from Arizona stated that he is the most sexually active man and we have a great sex life. Her statement shocked many people perhaps due to Sean’s disabilities.

He said - 

“It’s a joy to be married to this woman – not a day goes by when I don’t tell her I love her like 8,000 times. People think she’s sweet for being in love with me but they’ve got it wrong, I’m the saint in this marriage – I take care of her.”

He further added - 

“I think people are uncomfortable with the idea that those with disabilities are normal human beings and that they have sexual desires and fantasies and enjoy being touched and touching. I think it’s a big statement more about people not being comfortable with their own bodies and the thought of the disabled having sex lives.”

8. Maria Butzki, Paul and Peter (Husband, Wife, and Ex Living Together)

Source = Mirror.co.uk

Would you mind sharing a bed with your ex? Not sure? There’s a twist! You have to share the same roof with your husband too. Now, what would be your answer? You might not see this easy relationship in daily life due to social limitations. But this is true in the case of Maria Butzki. She says she can’t imagine her life without her new husband and ex. So Maria decided to share her love with both. Well, they might sound a funny couple, but all the three are quite happy with the decision. Can we call this a legal threesome?

What are your thoughts on it? Imagine your ex and husband sharing the same roof!

9. The Barbie Doll Couple

Source = Cosmopolitan.hu

Do you love playing with Barbie? Are you obsessed with Barbie? Not much, but yes, you love having her around. Now, what if I say that there is a couple who did a cosmetic surgery to look like dolls? Quentin Dehar and Anastasia Reskoss from France admit to being obsessed with Barbie from a young age. The couple got married in 2013 and spent $300,000 only to look like their idols Ken and Barbie. 

The most important thing in a marriage is love and compatibility. No doubt, both Quentin and Anastasia are the weird couples around who are enjoying to the fullest.

10. Renee Ziegel and Tyler Ziegel

Source = Sarcasmlol

Renee Ziegel and Tyler Ziegel make the beautiful and the awesome couple in our list. A young sergeant Tyler Ziegel got injured when he was in Iraq. He survived a bomb blast but lost his entire face. After release from the hospital, Tyler and his girlfriend Renee decide to get married. People advised her to break up with Tyler as it was a difficult decision and their marriage won’t be successful. But she didn’t listen, and the two got married. Her love for Tyler grew even more. Unfortunately, he died in 2012. Their relationship proves that love has no boundaries, and it is a bond between the two hearts that’s unbreakable.  

While you may find these relationships strange in a way, you might get shocked after knowing Ziona Chana from Mizoram has 39 wives, 94 children, and 33 grandchildren.

Concluding Thoughts 

LOVE is a slow poison and a sweet feeling, but it is a drug that eventually kills you if it is one-sided. When a person truly loves someone, it works like a drug they would happily get addicted to. Some couples make the perfect sense, while some odd couples would make you think twice the reason behind their marriage.

Tell us if you have ever fallen in love with a person who is twice your age or facing some disability? It doesn’t matter what others think of you, what matters is you should be HAPPY that you have found your “Someone Special.”  

Little things in life are all that matter!


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