These 5 Weird Deaths Are More Unusual Than Our Imagination

All human beings have one thing in common and that is death. Some people want to die in their sleep while some want to die with a bang. Most weird deaths…never wish ever happen..

6 years ago
These 5 Weird Deaths Are More Unusual Than Our Imagination

Death is inevitable and yet the tragic part of the life that has been happening since the day earth has been created actually from the date that is unknown. It is quite sad thinking about of dying but it is something that is going to happen one or the other day. While some want to die peacefully, some want to die by doing something amazing so that everyone notices – a kind of weird death

It is not a good feeling of course when people die, life is a valuable thing but still, sometimes the way people die makes you wonder ‘how can one do that? what was that person thinking?

Here is the list of the weird deaths ever seen

1. Fagilyu Mukhametzyanov Died Of Heart Attack After Knowing That She Is Getting Ready For Her Own Funeral

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The doctors had wrongly declared Fagilyu Mukhametzyanov, in Russia as dead. The women began screaming when she got to know that they were getting ready to bury her. She was taken back to the hospital where doctors declared her dead from the heart attack.

Her husband is blaming the doctors for death - I am very angry and want some answers. She wasn't dead when they said she was and they could have saved her.

2. The King Who Ate Himself To Death

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King Adolf Frederick suffered fatal digestion problems after eating sauerkraut, lobster and other 14 of his favorite desserts served in a bowl. He is still remembered as the ‘the king who ate himself to death’.

3. James Otis Died As He Wanted

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American revolutionary James Otis Jr told his friends that he wanted to die by the bolt of lightning when his time arrived. And unfortunately, or fortunately, what we can say, his wish came true. James was standing at the entrance of his friend’s house and lightning struck the chimney.

What shall we call his death his luck or misfortune? But one thing…next time be mindful what you wish for! (3.1)

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4. A Man Died During An Extra-marital Threesome

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It was in March 2009, when William Martinez died during a threesome with his male friend and women (not his wife). In June 2012 a jury granted his family $3 million in damages because his doctor didn’t inform him that overexerting is really very bad for him. Previously his family got $5 million but it resulted that he was 40% responsible for his own death. Don’t you think this is the weirdest death case ever heard? Can we call this weirdest death as the expensive one?

5. Terrifying Death Selfie

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Nowadays selfie has become the coolest thing for social media. A 19-year-old from Texas tried of taking the selfie while holding a gun. But accidentally he shot himself in the throat. Just imagine! He was mere 19 years old and died because of such bullshit, posing for the selfie is worth more than a death?


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