Top 10 Cursed Creepy Objects

Cursed objects will scare you with the evil spirit contained within them. These can harass you, hurt you or will try to kill you. These objects are occupied with the paranormal abilities. They bring bad luck and illness which can even result in death.

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Top 10 Cursed Creepy Objects

You might have heard of different real life stories of the cursed objects present in the society. These objects have brought misfortune to the owner of the objects. These objects are said to be linked with the demons, as a result, it will cause a curse to the family either by harming them or by using their body to be alive.

Are the claims put on these innocent looking objects real? It is a question with no answers because a perception of people differs. Some of them might take these objects to be real while others might take them as fake.

Here is the list of 10 Cursed Creepy Object found across the world which is considered to be real are:

1) Annabelle Possessed Doll

Source = Azureedge

Annabelle doll was first seen in an antique shop in 1970. This doll was gifted by a mother to her sweet daughter Donna. Soon after they brought Annabella home, unusual strange activities started occurring. The doll kept at a place was seen at some other place in another room. At one point it was discovered as standing on its feet and at another point, it disappeared.

Later on, through investigation, it was found that the doll was possessed by the 7-year-old girl named Annabelle Higgins who move into the doll soon after her murder. The doll’s strange activity turned into unexpected harmful attacks. The doll was later kept at Warren's Occult Museum.

Rest you all know about it from the movie Annabelle which was released on 26th September 2014.

2) Crying Boy Painting

Source = Ytimg

Crying boy painting had a curse that it causes fire all around except itself. It was a superstition or not is a mystery but the local investigator found that of many fires which occurred in the house was left with the painting of Bruno Amadio's.

It was another curse which was observed in England. The picture created a belief among the people that the child's painting is mournful and it causes a fire. After a research, it was found that the painting was covered by the fire repellant.

The painting was produced by the artist Giovanni Bragolin in 1950.

3) The Hope Diamond

Source = Purch

One of the oldest gems found in the history worth $200 - $250 million was seen on the surface. Anyone who dares to wear this beautiful diamond is seen to be surrounded by the evil happenings, curse, bad luck and lot of misfortunes and misery.

It is a rumor that all the person who wears this diamond had suffered divorce, imprisonment, torture, decapitation, disgrace and financial ruin.

Now this precious looking evil diamond is kept in the museum of the Smithsonian Natural History Museum.

4) The Terracotta Army

Source = History

One day seven villagers went on to dig a well for their village. During the work, they found an uncovered 22,000 old sculptures of the Terracotta Army. Soon after this discovery, the village attracted a lot of tourist from all over the world.

It was observed that whosoever came to see the sculptures claimed about their financial ruining. In order to properly unearth the sculpture many of the villager's house was destroyed. Three out of the seven villagers died as they could not afford health care.

Therefore the villagers started blaming government while for others it was a curse which was similar to that of the Tut's tomb.

5) Thomas Busby's Chair

Source = Historicmysteries

The story behind the death chair is that Bubsy killed his aunt in 1702 and was later found hanged at the crossroad near a humble inn. The chair was found at his death place.

But the story does not stop here rather it’s the beginning of it. The chair was observed and it was investigated through research activities that all those who sat in the chair was dead by some or the other dreadful accidents or incidents.

Therefore the chair was gifted to the Thirsk museum where it now is hanged on the wall so as to avoid the accidental sitting of the person on the chair.

6) The Myrtles Plantation Mirror

Source = Realunexplainedmysteries

The Myrtles Plantation is one of the most haunted places in the world. The mirror present at the premises makes it more horrendous and haunted. Legends had claimed that the mirror contains the spirits of Sarah Woodruff and her son who was poised to death by the slave.

It is said to cover all the mirrors so that none of the spirits get lost or trapped in the mirror to cause harm to any human being who stays there. But when any of the mirrors is left open one or the other family member die according to the tradition.

7) Robert the Doll

Source = Slate

In 1906 the mistreated servant of the house in the Otto family imbued the dark spirits in the doll and gifted it to the Robert one of the child of the Otto family. The child named the doll on his own name. His parents said that their child was busy talking to the doll all day long and they also listened to the doll saying something in a guttural voice.

Later on, Robert died and the doll was passed to the new home where it attacked a young girl. The doll was kept in East Martello museum.

8) Anna Baker’s Wedding Dress

Source = Ytimg

Anna Baker belonged to the wealthy family but she fell in love with an iron worker. She was preparing for her marriage function, bought a very beautiful wedding dress but her father forbids the wedding. She decided not to marry anyone else and spent a life with anger and bitter alone till she died in 1914.

It is said that the wedding dress was present in her bedroom which she could not wear and thus after his death, her spirit inhabited the dress. It is observed by the people that the dress moves on itself from one room to the other, making it a haunted wedding dress.

9) The Hands Resist Him Painting

Source = Openroadmedia

The Hand Resist Painting is considered to be one of the most haunted pieces on the Earth. This art piece was made by Bell Stoneham in 1972. Whosoever purchased the painting warned the buyer about the disappearance or movement of the figure present in the painting.

According to the artist, he tried to portray the idea of the world in which we are living with another world of fantasy. The doll in the hand of the child will escort them to the world full of fantasy. And the hands displayed in the painting symbolizes the presence of life in the world behind the door.

The person who kept the painting in the gallery and the art critic both of them died after having a glance of the painting. Thus it is one of the cursed objects in the world.

10) The Dybbuk Box

Source = Ibtimes

The Dybbuk box was purchased by Kevin Mannis who brought it to keep wine in it. It was auctioned at the eBay as soon he purchased the box strange and mysterious things started happening with him. He decided to give this to her mother who suffered the stroke on the same day on which she received.

Each owner since then reported the unusual happenings and events which created horror and fierce in the minds of the people. The box is said to be cursed by the spirit in the Jewish Mythology. According to the mythology it is believed that the Dybbuk box is able to possess even the living beings.

No need to worry about the objects mentioned above as these objects are kept in the preserved places apart from the citizen to avoid unwanted incidents causing mysterious deaths.


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