5 Strangest Thing That Discovered Under The Deep Sea

People all over the world has remained baffled about deepwater discoveries and it's unbelievable mysteries. Deep Sea is wide, strange and bewildered. You would be amazed at some of the weirdest deep-sea mysteries concealed in the ocean.

6 years ago
5 Strangest Thing That Discovered Under The Deep Sea

Seventy-one percent of the Earth’s surface is covered with ocean waters. Most of the living organisms and species are found in underwater. These blue waters have hidden secrets about the world. These undiscovered discoveries are present in the deep sea.

Amazing shipwrecks, beautiful species, some sculptures, gold and silver treasures, ancient cities, diamonds and much more. The beauty of deep ocean waters is enchanting, one’s a person see’s it; gets startled with its magnificent beauty and mysterious things present in the deep sea waters.

Here is a list of some strangest things which were discovered under the deep sea:

1) Doomed Emeralds

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Jay Miscovich of Florida, treasure hunter, and amateur diver went inside the deep sea in search of the Emeralds when he got some informative map about the diamond by his friend in 2010. He went to discover the multi million-dollar fortune in the Gulf of Florida. He thought he had found the life treasure. His discovery made him earn huge media attention. But he did not earn what he expected and unfortunately, he committed suicide.

2) Greece Ancient Computer

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This is the strangest and the amazing thing found in the shipwreck of the Greece in 1900 by sea divers. Antikythera was developed in 2nd century BC, this device was able to calculate the movements of the planets and the passing years. Still, the actual function of the device is unclear, but it is regarded as the world's oldest computer. It has been one of the most pegged computers because of its complexity and design.

3) Ancient City Of Alexandria

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The ancient city ruled by the last Pharaoh Cleopatra has sunken in the deep sea waters. The city is said to have been disappeared in the underwater as a result of the natural disasters, tidal waves, and Earthquakes. All these natural calamities contributed in sinking the ancient city of Alexandria. It was hidden since 1600 years in the deep sea. But the city was uncovered in the year 1998. Scientist along with civil engineers are planning to build underwater tunnels to develop world’s first underwater museum.

4) Sunken City: Bay Of Cambay India

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Some remains of the lost city Bay of Cambay was discovered in 2001. According to the archaeologist, it is one of the oldest sunken city in the world. The artifacts which were discovered includes sculptures, wooden arts, human remains etc. The wood discovered was found to be 9500 million old. Scientist and archeologist are suffering to find out the exact time period of its existence in the world. It is said that the city was submerged under water when the ice caps melted in the last ice age.

5) Locomotive Graveyard

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In 1985, a locomotive was discovered off the coast of New Jersey. Apparently, we do not have the reason why they were submerged in the deep sea water. Archaeologist claims that they might have fallen in the ocean due to accident or might have been thrown in the rough sea. Although they are rusty but still in very good condition. The site  has now become a wrecking spot for deep sea divers from all over the world.

Sea explorers, Scientist, divers, and adventurers visit deep sea in order to look fabulous creatures and to explore more and more about the oceanic waters. Still, according to statistics, only 5-10% of the oceans have been explored till date. There is a lot more to be found out yet.


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