7 Most Shocking & Weirdest Conspiracy Theories That Will Leave You Tongue-Tied

Some call it dreadful, some call it weird either way these conspiracy theories seem like a really unnatural scenario but still few people believe in them. This article has 7 of the most bizarre conspiracy theories. Do have a look.

6 years ago
7 Most Shocking & Weirdest Conspiracy Theories That Will Leave You Tongue-Tied

Over the centuries, conspiracy theories have thrived in the society. A conspiracy theory is nothing but an explanation of an awful event that caused a harmful act or a groundless conspiracy.

According to a research conducted by the media, even the most rational people believe in conspiracy theories. Yes, it sounds shocking but it’s true.

While some of the conspiracy theories spreading around the internet are actually true and kind of credible, some are so unnatural that they seem like a fiction story that we can't believe but sadly few people still believe it! So in this article, we have shared 7 of the weirdest conspiracy theories ever.

1) A Secret Group Controlling World

Source = Cloudfront

A Secret Group Controlling World” is one of the weirdest conspiracy theories that actually states that a secret group called the Illuminati (Illuminati, a name given to several groups, both real and fictitious.) has been trying to dominate or control the world and wants to create a powerful government.

Basically, the end-goal of these powerful people belong to the Illuminati society is to create the New World Order which will dissolve national boundaries, people’s identities and take full charge to run the government.

Along with the Illuminati society, some other versions of the group were also acknowledged which were trying to dominate the world and they are known as the Freemasons, the Jewish people, the Bilderberg Group.

2) The Earth Is Flat

Source = Huffpost

The belief that the Earth is flat has been described as the ultimate conspiracy theory. Despite several satellite images and countless pictures of sphere globe, some people are not ready to accept it.

The number of people belongs to the Flat Earth Society truly believe that the Earth is flat. They just regard all evidence to the contrary, such as satellite photos of Earth as a sphere.

These flat earth theories have been around for ages, claiming that the earth is not a sphere. The believers contend that the planet is bordered on the north end by the North Pole and the southern end by a wall of ice (Antarctica).

Many scholars put their points against this belief. After all, we've seen the globe with our own eyes in countless photographs. And this has been scientifically proven. People belonging to Flat earth society started believing that these sphere shaped images of earth are not real and are created by the government to conceal the truth.

Though, there are still many people who believe a spherical earth is just another way the global government is trying to trick the people of the world. (3.1)

3) President Barack Obama is Antichrist

Source = Wikimedia

The theory claims that Barack Obama is Antichrist. He is not a citizen of US and was actually born in Kenya. It seems that the theory has a bit of a political touch to it. After all these statements and claims, few people started believing in it.

Well, Barack’s long-form birth certificate is a great evidence to shut the mouth of the doubters, showing that he was born in Hawaii, has a Kenyan father and an American mother. Being a son of an American mother and a citizen of America itself proves that the theory of Antichrist is not true. (3.2)

4) Moon Landing Was Not Real

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This one is pretty shocking. How can this turn out to be a conspiracy! This is really disheartening for the people who actually made countless efforts to reach the moon. Let's first talk about the historic 1969 moon landing. Well, a lot of people believe that it was all fake and it never actually happened. Some people also whispered that it happened inside a sound studio in the Hollywood Hills.

Basically, people were making some comparison. They believe that the moon landing by NASA got so much buzz in order to beat Russia in the "space race." That is really sad. Instead of appreciating the people, Neil Armstrong and Buzz Aldrin people were busy in making a silly conspiracy. (3.3)

5) The Poisonous Snow

Source = Sinclairstoryline

You might have seen the viral video on Facebook of a snowball that refuses to melt under the flame of a lighter.  These videos are still available all over the web. The videos state that the US government is steadily poisoning the public using fake snow. People belonging to that video claimed that this fake snow refuses to burn. This conspiracy took place in 2014 which was proved wrong by the simple Google search. But some people were spreading the video quite promptly without doing a google search.

6) Lizard People Are Running the World

Source = Dearborn

Yes, you read that correctly. This sounds like a science fiction. A group of people larger than the entire population of Ohio believes that some “shape-shifting reptilian people are actually running the world, controlling our world and trying to gain political power to manipulate our societies.” This theory was championed by David Icke, a professional conspiracy theorist from Britain. People believe that the shape-shifting reptilian aliens have power over humans and they can make them mindless slaves for their own purposes. (3.4)

7) 9/11 Was An Inside Attempt

Source = Wordpress

9/11 attack was the most horrific attack that people of America have ever faced. But what is more worse is that some people thought that US government was behind this tragic act of terrorism that killed 2,996 people. Yes, it is really shocking but sadly people claim this. Some people also think that the owners of the twin towers were behind the attacks because they wanted to gain insurance payouts. Now this is really ridiculous. (3.5)

It is no secret that these conspiracy theories are reflecting some natural or fictional scenario which is not acceptable for sure.


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