Top 5 Cursed Movies That Will Thrill You

Occurrence of unexpected strange and bizarre deaths, haunted activities, freaky incidents, horrendous environment, cursed objects and strange events all contribute in covering the shadow of a curse which hovers over these movies.

6 years ago
Top 5 Cursed Movies That Will Thrill You

In most of the horror movies, it is shown that one or the other object is possessed by the spirits of that person who had the most wired death. These movies show the curse of spirits or objects which cause harm to the human beings which have a soft heart.

The spirits reside in the body of the people who are emotionally very sensitive. It becomes easy for the spirit to stay in their body and make them do things which they wish to accomplish.

Many of the stories such as Annabelle and conjuring are based on the real life incident faced by the innocent people. Some people do not believe in these stories and consider it to be superstition but it totally depends on our perception whether we believe it to be genuine or fake.

Let's have a look at all those movies which have proved to be a curse for the cast and crew members during and after the creation of the movie.

Here are some of the most cursed movies which will give you goosebumps:

1) Poltergeist

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In this movie, a young family who was influenced by the ghost and their little daughter was grasped by the evil spirit.

The movie is believed to be cursed due to several reasons which include the real life tragedies as well. The untimely death of the stars who played the role of a little girl named O'Rourke and the one who played the role of elder sister Dana named Dominique Dunne.

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Though O'Rourke died of medical diagnosis and Dunne was killed by her boyfriend, many of the people believed that the curse was sparked by the use of real skeletons in the movie.

2) Omen

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The strange real life incident and accidents are linked to this movie making it in one of the most cursed movie categories.

In this movie, the principal performer George adopts a child who later on turns into an Antichrist. The cast and the crew members felt uneasy as if they were playing with something dangerous which will occur with them.

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During the shooting of the film animal Wrangler met with death. During the release of the film John Richardson met with the car accident, another event was noticed was that Peck's aero plane was struck by lightning. These unexpected horrifying incidents make it one of the cursed movies.

3) Exorcist

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The scariest movie of all time itself has some scary incidents associated with it. The actress Linda and Ellen both suffered a spinal injury during the making of the film.

According to the report, it was mentioned that about 9 people died during the production which includes security men, refrigeration men, and others include Jack MacGowran and Vasiliki died prior to the film release.

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These incidents frightened the cast and crew member during the film and they started thinking that a curse is revolving around the movie which is causing the death and unusual supernatural activities.

4) Rosemary Baby

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Director Roman Polanski was making a movie on a pregnant lady who is under the influence of Satanic Cults. The film producer William castle suffered from the sudden gallstones during the production of the film and had to go for surgeries and treatments.

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Even the composer Krzysztof died suddenly in an accident. Castle later wrote in a letter that he felt all these incidents were a result of Rosemary’s baby coming into reality. He felt as if the cast and crew members were stalked by the witches and the evil spirits.

5) Superman

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The movie is seen as a curse for actors who wear blue tights and red cape. It started with the series of 1940 series Kirk Alyn who played as a character died, on the other hand, another actor George Reeves who played the role of Superman in television series in the 1950s died under a mysterious circumstance.

According to the police, it was a suicide case in which George Reeves gunshot himself but his fingerprints were not found on it. Another Superman curse, which is popular among the viewers, is about the Christopher Reeves. He died of some complications related to the paralysis.

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In this way, the Superman movie averted in Super Curse.

These are some of the cursed movies which will surely leave a cold creep in your mind and heart!


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