See How Disney Princesses Would Be Like If They Belonged to 2019

Disney has created a fictional world for princesses to live. Their stories inspired us in several ways. But how princesses would look like if they existed in 2019? Let’s find it.

4 years ago
See How Disney Princesses Would Be Like If They Belonged to 2019

If you remember, your grandmother telling stories of fairies and princesses your childhood was awesome. They taught us not to give up on your dreams and to do what you believe. 

I am particularly a big fan of a Disney series. I sometimes wonder how Disney princesses would look like in real life. They look amazingly beautiful in books. But if they exist in 2019, do they also like pizza, do video chat, and post pictures on their social media account? Maybe.  

Thanks to some creative artists who combined today’s reality with classic Disney and brought us a little closer to the Disney world. Disney movies feature some breathtaking and otherworldly fairytale-like settings. The gorgeous mountain, royal palaces, and amazing castles in Disney movies never fail to impress us.

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Disney Princess or Princess Line is a toy-line owned by the Walt Disney Company. It is a franchise that features several fictional female protagonists who have appeared in Disney movies. The characters that are part of the franchise are Cinderella, Pocahontas, Moana, Ariel, Snow White, Jasmine, and more. You enjoy its beauty products, toys, dolls, and a variety of products featuring Disney Princesses. 

Disney celebs are now more kind, middle-class, and down-to-earth. These hilarious recreations of princesses make video calls and even attend parties. You won’t believe, but these recreations seem true if Jasmine and Cinderella would live in 2019. 

Take a look at a few hilarious pictures of princesses below.

1. When Jasmine Goes Out with her Friend

Wow! What creativity. Are they going shopping?

2. Yes, She is Crazy for Pizza Like Us.

See, she left her ocean to eat Pizza.

3. How Princess Aurora Looks Like While Sleeping

Expectation vs. Reality – This is hilarious. I can’t imagine a princess sleeping with her mouth open.

4. And This Little Mermaid is a Great Performer

Can you recognize who she is? She is an American actress Zendaya, who would be playing as Ariel for an upcoming adaptation of the little mermaid.

5. Happiness is When You Watch Your Favorite Web Series With Friends

These Princesses are so like me. I don’t know what they are watching, but this picture depicts a perfect life of princesses.

6. When You Don’t Have to Go to Office.

This is true. She is quite like me.

7. This is so REAL

This is how I enjoy rides with my friends. (4th pic is hilarious)

8. When Princesses Do Face Time (Is She Talking to her Prince?)

Thank God, Princesses do not live in 2019; otherwise, they would have spent all their time doing video chat and posting pictures on Instagram.

9. This is How You Feel When You Get Hit by Freezing Water

OMG! That looks so real. (I also make weird faces like this)

10. The Evil Queens at the Disney Fashion Week

Are they judging the participants? If so, I wish them all the best for results.

These were the pictures edited by an artist Ansdhika Muksin and shared on social media. 

Here are a few snaps of professional models who transformed into Disney Princesses for the shoot. The pictures are taken by Jessica Kobeissi, a portrait photographer based in Michigan. It was challenging and difficult for her to look for the models who would look like Princesses in 2019.

She worked with makeup artists Hayley Kassel and Courtney Hagen and transformed these models into Disney princesses. See how these models looked when transformed into princesses.

1. Sarah as Jasmine

Wow! She looks gorgeous as Jasmine.

2. Pocahontas

No doubt, she looks pretty.

3. Snow White

Snow White is my favorite. This model, when transformed into Snow White, resembles a princess.

4. Can You Imagine How Ariel Would Look if She Lives in 2019?

I can’t believe she is a model. This diva looks like a real Ariel.

Final Words  

I cannot imagine people to be this creative. Makeup artists can make anyone look beautiful. They can transform a girl into a princess. But these makeup artists are extremely talented and transformed themselves into any celebrity they want. 

Here Andhika Muskin has shown how Disney princess would live if they were in 2019. No doubt, artists fill colors and give life to boring things. 

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Which of these recreations of princesses do you like the most? Can you also make any hilarious imagination of princesses? If so, drop your comments or share a picture below.


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