10 Celebrities Who Faced Death Hoaxes Thanks to Media and Fans

It is always appalling to hear that your favorite celeb has passed away….even though he is alive and enjoying!!

6 years ago
10 Celebrities Who Faced Death Hoaxes Thanks to Media and Fans

In the 21st century, death hoaxes about celebrities are common. So many celebs have become a part of this club. Right from Emma Watson to Justin Bieber, Morgan Freeman to Britney Spears, of all people has been once rumored to death.

Well, in the age of social media, rumors spread very quickly and when it comes to celebrity talk, you can only blame paparazzo’s. Oh! Britney Spears was spotted with this celeb; they must be a couple…Ahhh! This news is quite Okay! But OMG! She is no more!! Wait whattt…this can be the worst humor.

So, let’s check the list of celebrities death hoaxes or celebrities who were rumored to have died.

1. Taylor Swift

Source = Austin360

It was in August 2012, it was headlined that ace singer Taylor Swift was found dead in her home. Not only this, earlier in 2009, it was buzzed that a made-up allergy had killed Swift. No matter what! The 28-year-old has now sold more digital downloads than any country music performer in history. (6.1)

2. Paris Hilton

Source = Biography

Paris Hilton an American television personality, businesswoman, singer, and model died in June 2007!! Yes, it was just another death hoax…neither did she commit suicide nor she was stabbed in 2007. Instead, she was spending her years in shooting various movies and TV appearances.

3. Justin Bieber

Source = Energy106

Oops, this ace singer died at just 16? The first rumor about his death went headlined on March 11, 2012. Luckily, the teen idol is still very busy in making songs and creating amateur videos for YouTube. He has also even penned a book detailing what he had learned in first few months of his life.

4. Jackie Chan

Source = Thetimes

nother star which couldn’t save himself from the celebrity death hoax is Jackie Chan. Within the hours of a report that he is dead on 11th August 2011 his facebook group (Jackie Chan) received more than 15,000 likes.

Again in March, he was falsely reported as dead due to heart attack…After June incident he said – ‘He said, "My manager called me in the United States asking, 'Are you OK?' 'I'm OK.' 'Everybody thought you'd died this morning!' 'What!' I said. 'No, no... don't worry, before I die I'll call you.” If he is dead then who is prepping hard for the Rush Hour 4??

5. Will Smith

Source = Defendernetwork

The rumors of Will Smith demise in an accident spread in 2007. Around 2013, again it was said that he died in a snowboarding accident. 10 years later, it is still not true. Since then, he has been going great and working effortlessly in his movies and production.

6. Britney Spears

RIP Britney Spears! Ahh, …it not true, in December 2016 Sony Music Global’s Verified Twitter account was hacked. A message said –"RIP @britneyspears #RIPBritney 1981-2016.” Just after that, it was tweeted that she is said; more details will be out soon. Since after her death news the diva has appeared on Glee and recorded her 7th studio album. Some even now say that her career is dead…is that so? (6.2)

7. Paul McCartney

Source = Wennermedia

Celebrity death hoax is very common and Paul McCartney is not an exception. Though, he’s had two major incidents in the field he is still alive. The first major accident occurred in 1966 when the information about his death spread that an imposter filled in for him. Another death rumored in 2012. But the truth is that he is still balancing life very well and still making awesome music.

8. Morgan Freeman

Source = Thr

Is there any introduction needed, to know who is Morgan Freeman? This Oscar-winning actor even became the victim of celebrity death hoax. His death rumors spread in December 2010. CNN tweeted - “actor Morgan Freeman has passed away in his Burbank home. Rumors of this untimely demise spread because of a RIP Morgan Freeman FB page claim that he died on 5th September.

9. Sylvester Stallone

Source = Indianexpress

It was rumored that popular filmmaker Sylvester Stallone died in September 2016. This fake news hasn’t stopped his fans telling everyone he is dead and other believing it. This hoax has been around the internet for long. After a series of this fake news, the actor himself posted –

Please ignore this stupidity... Alive and well and happy and healthy... Still punching

10. Lindsay Lohan

Source = Ytimg

It was headlined that the diva has killed herself just to avoid going jail. Later, it was also rumored that she died of the overdose in July 2010. The 31-year-old actress is still going great and has been busy in her TV shows and other appearances.


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