6 Most Lethal Toys That Need To Be Banned

This list of lethal toys may surprise you in many ways and could bring back your childhood memories…looks lethal toys that need to ban while some which are..

6 years ago
6 Most Lethal Toys That Need To Be Banned

They say it’s all cool and fun until someone gets hurt. But fun and games are sometimes not so funny and especially when a kid holds the wrong, manufactured toy. You always browse for some educational books and educational CD’s to train your kid but sometimes you also buy those silly gadgets and morbid images to entertain your kids. But do you know those vibrant color gadgets and entertaining games contains some harmful chemicals that could affect your kid’s health? Here is the list of the most lethal toys that need to be banned.

These toys have gone through poor manufacturing, oversight and some hurt children in real life.

Toys that are Lethal in their own way

1. Battlestar Galactica Colonial Viper

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Originated from Battlestar Galactica TV show, the viper had a firing missile which when accidentally shot in a mouth can choke leading to the death. Unfortunately, a 4-year-old kid shot the missile in his the mouth and choked to death in 1978.

2. Aqua Dots

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Kids do attract to colors, but sometimes these vibrant colors can harm your kids. Cleverly designed Aqua dots are arranged in a multi-dimensional pattern. But do you know those tiny colorful beads contain the drug GHB a chemical which increases sex drive? Aqua Dots are really lethal and got banned in 2007.


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Is there anything wrong in this toy? NO? Can you see the below image again? Don’t you think it just look like the cock with two pink color balls popping the dick out when the button is pushed? Thankfully it doesn’t vibrate. This toy can’t be lethal but yes it is quite hilarious if a button is pressed continuously. Hope your kid doesn’t know anything about Dick!! LOL! (6.1)

4. Supersonie Candy

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Candy that resembles with a cigarette. Won’t you be scared if you see your kid trying to light up the candy like one of those you do with the real cigarette? Yes this has happened many times. Just imagine your kid lighting the supersonie candy!!

5. Super Bang Blast Balls

Source = Crackedcdn

Super bang blast balls is a game featuring two balls that were exploded when you smashed them together. After smashing you get a boom sound with few sparks. The sparks even injured the kids, after some injuries the CPSC went ahead and banned the product in US.  (6.2)

6. Jarts

Source = Littlethings

This solid piece of metal could penetrate someone. It is a lethal toy that has injured more than 7000 kids, but thanks to the change, now dart game comes with the rubber jarts.


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