TMNT Encyclopedia | A Kickstarter To Fund Every TMNT Fan’s Fantasy

The TMNT Kickstarter was started to make the fantasy of millions of TMNT fans a record breaking reality. The book has over 3500 action figures, statues, weapons, accessories & vehicles.

6 years ago
TMNT Encyclopedia | A Kickstarter To Fund Every TMNT Fan’s Fantasy

The book covers practically every TMNT action figure series from 1988 to 2017. The book will also cover vehicles, weapons, statues, accessories, and packaging. The book will have action figures both inside and outside of the packaging.

If Funded On Time It Could Be A Potential Guinness Book World Record Breaker

Source = Kickstarter

The final print will have over 5000 figures, weapons, vehicles, figure packages, and accessories. The publisher also wants to submit the final massive book for a possible Guinness book world record. So this will not only be the first and only TMNT action figure book but the largest and most extensive action figure book ever.

The Fundraiser Backers’ Name Will Be Published In The Final Print

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Once the funding period is over, only names and photos will be added to the book. The publisher will start the collection of names daily during the campaign. He will also update newly released figures during the funding period and then do a confirmation of names and photos a week after the funding period. The final proof will be completed a week after the funding period.

The Publisher Jay Lawrence Claims

Source = Kickstarter
“I have over 3 years of experience with the same print factory that does business with some of the biggest corporations in the world, such as Samsung.” 

The Timeline Of The TMNT Encyclopedia

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The publisher has provided with the timeline of the campaign for its backers to know when and hows of the project.

You Can Find More Information about The Kickstarter Here.


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