10 Most Famous Ice cream flavors Around the World

No need to guess! We have compiled the most famous ice cream flavors from different corners of the world. There are plenty of folks who feel good with a single scoop of vanilla.

6 years ago
10 Most Famous Ice cream flavors Around the World

Needless to say, everyone loves ice cream. And with an increasing variety of delicious flavors, it is quite tough to guess which ice cream flavors have the highest votes. Ice cream - a word is enough to make anyone smile. Everyone in this entire world has cherished the memories of ice cream. A half or a full scoop of your favorite flavor is enough to cheer you up through your bad mood. Over the years, from hand churned ice cream to latest techniques, ice cream has served a lot and has entertained its lovers. 

We are about to unveil the famous ice creams flavors from around the world. Scroll through the top flavors…

1. Rocky Road

Source = Activebeat

Mouth watering!!! Hails from the United States of America, Rocky Road is flavored with chocolate, nuts and diced marshmallows. There have been different versions and fresh walnuts of the road flavors.

2. Coffee Ice cream

Source = Chubbysoul

Be it a sip of coffee or a scoop of coffee ice cream, this European favorite gives an amazing experience of switching from hot drink to cold dessert. This delicious ice cream is gaining in different parts too and especially among the coffee lovers. All you require is just a condensed milk, espresso powder, and espresso liquor.

3. Cherry Flavor

Source = Skupicecream

It doesn’t matter you are a father to a kid, a serious entrepreneur or a school attendee, the cherry flavor makes you feel like a kid again. Make a perfect bowl of cherry ice cream for a sunny day as it is less heavy than the marshmallow and other chocolate versions.

4. Praline Pecan

Source = Melecotte

Pralines are actually sugar candies made from a mix of sugar syrup and nuts. A subtle mix of chocolate and vanilla gives a yummy-licious Praline Pecan that also features a bourbon flavoring for a twist.

5. Black Raspberry Crunch

Source = Amazonaws

Black Raspberry Crunch is a yummy and a healthy alternative to every store. It is the world’s most cherished ice cream flavor that features black raspberry and chocolates covered almonds.

6. French vanilla

Source = Sndimg

Vanilla is still a favorite of many ice cream lovers. But plain vanilla is exceptionally different from French vanilla. While the plain vanilla only flavors the vanilla bean, French flavors the egg custard and the egg yolks with the creamier consistency.

7. Neapolitan

Source = Activebeat

It wouldn’t be surprised saying that Neapolitan is the biggest selling flavor in Italy. Often referred as harlequin ice cream, it is a flavor made up of different blocks of strawberry, chocolate, and vanilla. (7.1)

8. Marshmallow Rice Krispie Treat

Source = Yourhomebasedmom

Marshmallow Rice Krispie Treat is mainly milk and cereal that go together in a form of ice cream. You can simply drool over that ice cream scoop!

9. Swiss Mocha

Source = Cloudfront

Swiss Mocha is an amazing mix of chocolate chips and coffee. Beat the heat with this enticing flavor. Feel free to add your own ingredients to garnish the flavor.

10. Vanilla

Source = Moevenpick-icecream

Vanilla is still the favorite yet the famous ice cream around the world. The frozen vanilla desserts and the vanilla scoop over the recipes is now a twist in the menu served.


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