10 Weirdest Street Foods From Around the World

It’s time to explore some of the weirdest street foods from across the world. Delve into the spicy and sweet flavors people love to chow down.

6 years ago
10 Weirdest Street Foods From Around the World

Wandering through the exotic locations of Philippines or England is sure to give you an appetite. You are on a holiday and you wish to get immersed in the country’s culture, you can watch the beautiful sights, stay in the hotels, can go for a long walk but if you really want to understand people what could be better than tasting some of the famous local food? 

Some street foods have names that sound more appealing than they are, Mice Wine, Tuna Eyeballs etc street foods really cater the local taste and can give the challenge to the traditional dishes prepared. So here we have come up with some weirdest street foods from around the world.

Fried Water Beetles, Thailand

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While wandering the streets you can serve the fried insects with the good source of protein, but the most popular street snack among people here is the fried giant water beetle. Also known as maeng da, these water beetles are nearly 3-4 inches long and are fried in oil with chili peppers and then eaten like potato chips. Next time you visit Bangkok (Thailand) don’t forget to taste this tempting dish.

Balut - Philippines

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It’s a normal hard-boiled egg, so is there anything weird about it? Yes, the developing duck embryo is boiled alive in its shell. It looks really weird and savage but is a popular street food in the Philippines. The dish is served with beers. Plan your trip to the Philippines, and add this scrumptious dish to your list.

Casu Marzu - Italy

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Casu Marzu – a rare cheese dish that is prepared using the larvae of flies….What! Yes, you read it right, this cheesy street food looks horrendous and tastes even worse. This traditional Sardinian dish is actually sheep’s milk cheese famous for live insect larvae. While there are some who kills the insect and keep in the refrigerator before consuming, there are some who loves eating the living larvae.

Tuna Eyeball – Japan

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Though the name sounds very creepy, the dish is quite tasty and resembles an octopus. The dish is prepared in no time. Simply boil and season it with soya sauce, garlic and other seasonings which you like. While walking on the streets in Japan you can’t avoid tasting it.

Hakarl – Iceland

Source = Wikimedia

Prepared from the Greenland shark, this dish is extremely poisonous when eaten raw. To prepare it, the shark is placed in a grave and is covered with stones for 3-4 months. Then the shark is cut into strips and allowed it to remain dry for months before serving on the plate. [7.1]

Tip: If you taste it for the first time, hold your nose and try not to puke.

Mopane Worms – South Africa

Source = Travelnewsnamibia

Another weirdest street food on the list is the juicy worms that are said to be full of meat. The Mopane Worm is the favorite snack of the Zimbabwe locals. The worms are collected from trees and then they are fried. The Mopane worms are first rehydrated and then served with chili sauce; travelers say that it is worth tasting! But I don’t think so…[7.2]

Andouillette - France

Source = Northernfrance-tourism

Probably the Andouillette is the stinkiest dish you will ever taste it in your life. Prepared from pig intestines, onions, wines and different seasonings the dish is famous in the French markets. The pig intestines are crammed into a sausage, fried up and covered in mustard sauce. So, are you in the mood for tasting this stinkiest dish?? If you taste it then do share your reviews.

Isaw – Philippines

Source = Lyfunli

In case if you haven’t noticed, meat is the favorite dish of the Philippines, almost every part of it is used in dishes in one way or another. Isaw is the pork intestine, but before you make a weird face, let me tell you that meat is cleaned inside out a number of times and then prepared with the sauces. So, give it a try to this not so tempting dish on the streets of Philippines whenever you go.

Winkles – England

Source = Jpwaldron

Winkles are a stylish dish and very popular in the streets of England. Collect these winkles from the beach and use in the meal you will prepare for the evening. Dip the winkles into mustard, mayonnaise or hot butter to make it taste better. You will mainly find the winkles on the coast of England. Are you planning to taste this dish on your trip to England?

Rocky Mountain Oysters – United States

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You may find oysters strange, but these rocky mountain oysters are unique as they are not at all oysters. Instead, they are sheep, or pig testicles coated in flour and then deep fried to enhance the taste. But you will find it great as a part of an animal is used in a tasty way otherwise it would have been wasted.


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