6 Best Semi-Sweet Red Wine Brands Which Can Spice Up Your Life

Chill out with the fruity mix of pomegranate and raspberry this vacay. A glass full of semi-sweet red wine brands not only provides heart-healthy benefits but also saves calories as well.

6 years ago
6 Best Semi-Sweet Red Wine Brands Which Can Spice Up Your Life

Alright so are you a red wine connoisseur? Is there a problem that you neither like too sweet nor too sour wine, but just wanted to delve into semi-sweet? Yes, there is a possibility that you get the wine of your choice i.e. semi-sweet red wines.

We have compiled a list of best semi-sweet red wines existing that you can taste. Planning for a long adventurous trip? Why not take a bag full of semi-red wines to enjoy on your way

Not only will you enjoy on your trip instead you will get different varieties to jazz up your life. So here is the list of the best semi-sweet red wine brands..

1. Alfasi Mistico Cabernet Sauvignon

Source = Kosherwine

The deep red-purple wine has a flavor of cherry, plum, and blackberry. This semi-sweet red wine has an aroma of blackberries with a little bit spicy background. It tastes best with rich cheeses, beef, chicken and grilled meat. This type of sweet wine comes from Maule Valley, Chile.

2. Della Robbia Rosso

Source = Chwine

The name of this sweet red wine is inspired from the popular sculptor Della Robbia - who made the ceramic design. The artist was much famous for his charm and sense of balance. Just like him each sip of Robbia Rosso is a delight and creates beautiful moments. Della Robbia includes the juicy flavors of strawberry and plum that comes together giving a semi-sweet finish after every sip.

3. Khvanchkara

Source = Beersofeurope

The dark ruby color Khvanchkara wine is an origin of the Republic of Georgia. This semi-sweet red wine has a strong and well-balanced raspberry flavor. Khvanchkara is made in the vineyards of Western Georgia. It serves best with desserts, fresh fruits, spicy foods, and cheese. (7.1)

4. Markovic Estates Cabernet Sauvignon Merlot

Source = Bigcommerce

What’s more, you want after getting the swirls of dark red berries with a touch of Sauvignon, along with vanilla and coffee beans? Sounds tempting? The flavors of coffee and toasted bread in Merlot are simply delicious. What more could you dream with this incredible mixture

5. Dolce Della Rosa

Source = Bestbuyliquors

With the fresh aroma and intense flavors of cherry, wild berries, and raspberry the purple and ruby red tones give this wine a classy and royal tone. Serve this semi-sweet red wine chilled and you will get the real taste of it. This kind of wine has the velvety and smooth taste to fall in love with. (7.2)

6. Rashi Claret

Source = Kosherwine

One of the popular semi-sweet red wines in the US with smooth and silky taste Rashi Claret goes well with any vegetable tarts, pasta, and barbecued meats. If you are the beginner in wine tasting, you will surely love the smooth flavor of Rashi Claret.

Definitely, it is difficult to pick one. Choose wisely and plan your meal with any semi-sweet red wine. If you are the beginner check the alcohol content before you buy yourself a bunch of semi-red wines.


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