Most expensive Restaurants’ 2017-2018

Ever wonder what it would be like having dinner at the top floor of the restaurant located at the lavish place? Every restauran...

7 years ago
Most expensive Restaurants’ 2017-2018

Ever wonder what it would be like having dinner at the top floor of the restaurant located at the lavish place? Every restaurant has its own taste and tradition which are loved and praised by others. 

The best place to spend the time with your loved ones is Restaurant. If you are a big foodie then you must have tasted the food of the restro’s near you. You must have explored each and every restaurant (5 stars or a normal restaurant) nearby your place. If you wanna add some more restro’s in your foodie list, here’s is the collection of the most expensive restaurants in the world 2017-2018 to serve you at their best. 

Most Expensive Restaurants Around The World:

1. El Celler De Can Roca Girona, Spain - $160 per person

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The cuisine served in the El Celler De Can Roca Girona, is extremely traditional and up to the mark. The food comes with a lot of creativity and presentations which amazed the customers. If you are a big foodie you must taste the cuisines offered in the restro. It also offers the vine lover a fantasy which creates an aesthetic atmosphere.

2. Faviken, Switzerland - $250 per person

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The amazing atmosphere creates love and peace in the dining area. Faviken restaurant in Switzerland is famous for its deserts course which gives a sugary touch after delighted meal. The low romantic music and the yummy food makes the moments memorable. The cost of the dinner is approximately $250per person with optional wine parings at $105. The restaurant believes that food is an art and offers a pleasure in every bite.

3. Schloss Schauenstein, Furstenau, Switzerland – $270 per person

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Switzerland is more famous for its deep root in scientific research but do you know the place is also well known for its high class restaurants too? At Schloss, you would have a royal dining experience in an elegant kept swiss castle. Is the most demanded place of Switzerland and is cherished by all. Accomplished by proper cleanliness it offers hygienic meals with vines and all the meals presented in their own unique way which creates people interest in it.

4. Alain Ducasse, The Dorchester, London - $290 per person

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The beautiful Alain Ducasses is headed by Chef Jocelyn Herland. The restaurant is more famous for its seven seasonal dishes. The foodie comes in the restaurant to taste crayfish veloute, Sea urchin and fillet of halibut. While the seasonal dishes cost around $290 for single person, regular menu cost much less. Regular tasting menu starts at around $195 per person without beverages and wine.

5. Ithaa Maldives - $320 per person

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Located at exotic location, below the surface Ithaa, in Maldives offers a stunning 180 degree view of the exclusive rich coral reef gardens. Ithaa’s menu has a number of hallmark dishes. The six course menu of the restaurant is paired with champagne which is likely a cheery on the top. The popular dish of the restro is imperial caviar that is served with potato blinis and sour cream.

6. Aragawa, Tokyo - $370 per person

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The experience of true Japanese dishes lies in Aragawa, Tokyo. The exotic dining location and the amazing taste are so desirable that it symbolizes the true traditional flavors of Japan. Loaded with enlightened cuisine and yummy fast food, Aragawa offers you to accomplish your business meetings.

7. Masa, New York City - $450 per person

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Run by the world renowned Chef Masa Takayama, Masa restaurant was started in 2006. The interior of the restaurant speaks about its demands and culture. Workers of the restro feel very privilege to welcome the visitors and give them their best. The dining space in the restro is decorated with beautiful antiques and designs. While Masa dishes without beverages cost $450 and a simple cancellation of reservation cost $200.


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