Can Anxiety Be the Reason of Lump in Throat

You are familiar with some of usual ...

7 years ago
Can Anxiety Be the Reason of Lump in Throat

You are familiar with some of usual symptoms of anxiety. Anxiety can make you feel worried, cause of nausea, reason of sweating and so on. These are most common symptoms that people link with anxiety. One of the most frightening or scary symptoms is a feeling of lump in the throat. But throat lumps can essentially be caused by anxiety, especially if you suffer from very particular anxiety situations.

How Anxiety Causes Throat Lumps

Anxiety can have a deep effect on your body, and one such effect is soreness, caused by the creation of your autonomic nervous system.

When you feel anxiety, your body is continuously stimulating your sympathetic or sensitive nervous system. It leads to an increased breathing rate, increased heart rate and muscle tension and that muscle tension can cause the throat lumps to feel inflammation in some people. It may be referred in medical circles as:

  • Globus Pharyngis
  • Globus Sensation
  • Globus Hystericus

When anxiety is the reason of lump in your throat, it isn't hazardous.

Fast Cures for a Lump in the Throat

Unfortunately, the only way to prevent the lump in the throat is to decrease your anxiety. There are no particular treatments for anxiety because they're caused by the creation of your body as an outcome of your anxiety.

There are some tips you can try:

Drink Water


Herbal Solutions- Herbs like passionflower, kava, and valerian


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