How to Recognize the Symptoms of Vitamin D Deficiency

Vitamin D is the most essent...

2 years ago
How to Recognize the Symptoms of Vitamin D Deficiency

Vitamin D is the most essential for the body as it helpful in generating calcium that is a must for better growth of bones. Vitamin D also protects the body from general infections cold. It even helps in fighting against depression.

However, if your body is incapable in absorbing vitamin D or you spend little time under the Sun, you might end up with insufficiency of vitamin D.

Symptoms that shows vitamin D deficiency


It is found that people with vitamin D deficiency are generally more depressed and sad than others.

Muscle and bone weakness

As vitamin D is considered the most important element for the development of bones, so if you have vitamin D deficiency, you will definitely experience fragility in your muscles or bones.

Fatigue and sleepiness

If you always feel lethargic all day long or feel like you have very low energy then this is an indication of deficiency.

Sense of pain

People with lack of vitamin D are more sensitive to chronic pain. Gum problems Gum problems like reddening of gums, swelling and bleeding show signs of vitamin D deficiency.

Mood swings

The level of vitamin D affects the creation of serotonin, the hormone that has an outcome on your mood and at last leads to various mood swings.


Overweight people require sufficient vitamin D as the fat cells of their bodies need a large amount of vitamin D.

Low physical tolerance

Athletes with vitamin D deficiency don’t have enough energy to perform and henceforth their performance or work may get degraded.

Gut problems

People with bowel sickness and sensitive gluten cannot absorb fat normally and it’s a sign of vitamin D deficiency. Sweating An early sign of lacking vitamin D is extra sweating in the head.

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