Know All About the Deadly Coronavirus That Infected Thousands in China

WHO (World Health Organization) is working with experts and partners to make people aware of the Coronavirus. It is associated with pneumonia, SARS, and could also affect the gut.

4 years ago
Know All About the Deadly Coronavirus That Infected Thousands in China

The coronavirus outbreak has infected over 25,000 people and killed over 500 in China. Outside China, this virus has spread over 20 territories and has infected 200 people. According to reports, this virus has attacked people from 50-56 years of age. There have been a few cases of children getting infected by Coronavirus. 

You won’t believe it, but according to the news, the respiratory doctors in China are sleeping only for a few hours from the past two weeks. The Coronavirus was first identified in December, and since then, it is spreading around the globe. Let us know more about this deadly virus and its symptoms. 

What is Coronavirus?

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Coronaviruses are a type of viruses that are known to contain strains and to cause diseases in mammals and birds. Wuhan coronavirus (2019-nCov) and others are notable viruses that are found to be responsible for SARS (severe acute respiratory syndrome) and MERS (Middle East Respiratory System) and could cause death in humans. 

In humans, these viruses are spread through airborne droplets of fluid that are produced by infected people. It gets its name from the corona or crown of sugary proteins. Alphacoronavirus, Betacoronavirus, Gammacoronavirus, and Deltacoronavirus are four known genera in the family. 

Alphacoronavirus and Betacoronavirus infect humans, cats, pigs, and bats. Gamma Coronavirus attacks birds, while Deltacoronavirus infects mammals and birds. These viruses are also responsible for up to 30% of common colds. Over the last 60 years, scientists have researched and found that these viruses could attack cows, horses, turkeys, and mice.  

Human coronavirus (HCoV) was first identified in the 1960s in a patient’s nose having a common cold. In humans, these viruses usually attack during winter and spring months. 

Symptoms of Coronavirus That Everyone Should Know

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Symptoms of Coronavirus may vary from person to person. While some strains of coronavirus infect pigs and cause diarrhea, it could also cause respiratory problems such as sore throat and runny nose. Coronavirus could also cause pneumonia. In severe cases, the person may have organ failure. 

The antiviral and antibiotics are of no use in this case. The recovery of the person depends on the strength of his/her immune system. It is also reported that many people who died were already suffering from poor health.  So, if you know anyone suffering from a cold or having pneumonia, recommend a doctor visit immediately. 

Coronavirus Outbreak has Frightened Everyone in China

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The Coronavirus outbreak has threatened people in China. People are not coming out of their home, shopping malls and streets have been deserted. The busiest streets of China are seen empty. People are wearing masks while driving the car and walking on the streets. Everyone coming or going from the airports are getting checked. 

An exhibition center in China is converted into a hospital to treat coronavirus patients. The Wuhan government said that they have planned to convert a gym and an exhibition center into hospitals to look for patients having mild symptoms of coronavirus. 

In China, flights are canceled, factories are closed, and the government has cut off the lines to international businesses. Recently, Japan reported around 40 cases of Coronavirus on a cruise ship. India has also reported three cases of the virus, but they are now stable. 

Medical workers are spraying antiseptic outside the malls and on the gate of the Shanghai Stock Exchange Building.

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Here’s a picture of the empty Lo Wu Mass Transit Railway Station, where the Chinese Government announced that the border checkpoint would be closed.

Source = Theatlantic

Why is Coronavirus Dangerous Than Normal Influenza?

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Unlike the flu, there is no medicine available for Coronavirus. That means it is difficult for people who already have respiratory problems to get cured. Also, human to human transmission has been confirmed by scientists. That is, it is contagious. 

As of 5 February, the death toll in China has climbed to over 600. Around 25,000 cases of Coronavirus have been found, with over 22000 cases reported to be in China. The mortality rate is 2.1%. Two members of a family have confirmed to have a virus in the UK. The number of people infected with Coronavirus could increase further. 

The WHO experts in London suggest that there could be as many as 200,000 cases. Coronavirus could be spread by shaking hands with a person who is infected with the virus. It might get spread through contact with feces. 

Is There Any Treatment for Coronavirus?

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Till now, it is reported that coronavirus can’t be treated. However, its symptoms could be treated. It is recommended to drink lots of water, to avoid smoking. Use a clean and cool mist vaporizer. 

Wash your hands with soap and water for at least 15 seconds, especially after coughing and sneezing. Avoid touching anything with unwashed hands. Stay home and cover your cough with a tissue. The best way to prevent yourself from infection is to avoid being exposed to coronavirus. 

Chinese Doctor Who Warned Everyone About Coronavirus Died

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Li Wenliang was an ophthalmologist at Wuhan Central Hospital and was the first person to warn about the Wuhan Coronavirus outbreak in December 2019.  On 3rd January, the police admonished him for spreading false comments on the internet. He returned to work but came in contact with an infected patient. Unfortunately, on 6 February 2020, he died. 

One of the hospital members said: 

“In the fight against the pneumonia epidemic of the new coronavirus infection, our hospital’s ophthalmologist Li Wenliang was unfortunately infected.”

On 30 December, he sent a warning over WhatsApp and advised people to wear protective clothing to avoid infection. On 8th January, he came into contact with an infected person in the hospital. He then developed a cough, which became severe. 

He was hospitalized, but his condition deteriorated and was given oxygen support. China Supreme Court slammed police for punishing rumormongers. The Court said, 

“It might have been a fortunate thing for containing the new coronavirus if the public had listened to this ‘rumor’ at the time.”

Should You Get Tested for Coronavirus?

If you have a fever or your body shows the symptoms of illness such as shortness of breath or cough within 10-15 days after travel from China, then immediately see a healthcare professional, he/she would test you for 2019-nCov. 

Bill and Melinda Foundation Donated Millions to Help Coronavirus-Infected

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The Bill and Melinda Foundation has pledged to give up to $100 million to help the infected. The foundation that the fund would be used to find the vaccines for Coronavirus. Funding will be given to health agencies in China and to other countries that are affected by the outbreak. 

Bill and Melinda are known to be philanthropists. It was in 2009 when they donated around $33 million to combat a tuberculosis outbreak in China. 

Alibaba’s founder Jack Ma also donated $14.4 million to find a vaccine for this deadly virus. The company has also offered free AI computing power to research organizations to support the vaccines. 

Final Words

The coronavirus affects birds, mammals, and humans. But Nipah Virus that made headlines a few months back was a zoonotic disease and got transmitted from animals to humans and vice versa. Earlier, it was reported that 2019-nCov has a link to seafood and animals. But later, it was reported that it has no connection with the market food, and humans could also pass this virus. 

Not only Coronavirus has threatened everyone, but these deadly diseases in history also changed the entire world. From 1347 to 1351, the Black Death plague affected nearly half of Europe’s population. And in the early 1900s, the Hookworm led to an iron deficiency and stunted growth. 

Do you know any other thing about Coronavirus that could save the lives of people? If so, then don’t forget to drop your comments below. We would love to help everyone out there!


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