10 Astonishing & Shocking Facts About Brooklyn Bridge

One of the New York’s most prominent landmarks “The Brooklyn Bridge” has some astonishing and shocking facts. Scroll down to discover.

5 years ago
10 Astonishing & Shocking Facts About Brooklyn Bridge

The history features a lot of astonishing tales, facts, inventions and constructions. In this article, we will discuss one such impressive architecture called “The Brooklyn Bridge”.

You might already know that Brooklyn Bridge is one of the most iconic structures in New York. Known as the eighth wonder of the world, the prominent Brooklyn Bridge is one of the greatest pieces of architecture in the New York City.

It was originally built in 1883 and designed by John Augustus Roebling. The purpose of this bridge was to connect two city halls of Brooklyn and Manhattan. Another interesting thing to know about this bridge is that it was the only way to cross East River.

Not only this, there are numerous interesting facts related to this architecture in New York City. Let’s take a quick tour of the bridge. (8.1)

1) It Took 14 Years & 600 Workers To Complete The Bridge

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You guys already know that this bridge is the longest architecture. But have you any idea how much time and manpower it took to build this bridge? Reportedly, the bridge took nearly 14 years to complete. After 14 years of construction with manpower of over 600 people, the Brooklyn Bridge was opened in 1883 and Manhattan and Brooklyn were finally connected. So, we can imagine that people have put in so much efforts to create this iconic wonder. In addition, the bridge is supported by four cables which is 3578 feet (1090 m) long and 15.5 inches (40 cm) thick.

2) It Was The Longest Suspension Bridge For About 20 Years

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Another astonishing fact about the Brooklyn Bridge is that it was the first steel-wire suspension bridge and the longest suspension bridge in the world from 1883 to 1903. It has a main span of 1,595.5 feet but the neighboring Williamsburg Bridge later broke the record of the famous Brooklyn Bridge by 4.5 feet.

3) Nearly 20-30 People Died During Its Construction

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The deadliest fact about this prominent Brooklyn Bridge is that around 20-30 people died during the construction. Reportedly, the exact number of people who died were not estimated but these accidents took place when the workers fell off the 276-foot-high tower. In addition, more than dozens suffered from debilitating injuries.

Unfortunately, there was sickness involved thereafter. Many men who worked on the first tower in Brooklyn began to get sick. According to the reports, they suffered from Caisson’s Disease. Sadly, over hundred people got badly affected by this disease. Seems like this was one of the most deadly construction in the field of architecture.

4) It Got Its Real Name in 1915

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It is surprising to know that the Brooklyn Bridge was first called “New York and Brooklyn Bridge”. And after that, it was known as the “East River Bridge”. People call it by these names only until it got its real name in 1915 and that is “The Brooklyn Bridge”.

5) The Brooklyn Bridge’s Designer Died Before The Bridge Work Finished

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Sadly enough, the designer of the Brooklyn Bridge named John Roebling died a strange death before his goal was accomplished. The incident took place when the German-born designer was taking a compass reading and his foot was crushed between some pilings and a boat or a ferry.

His foot became badly injured and the doctors asked him to get his leg amputated (cut off by surgical operation) but he instead insisted on “soaking it in the water”. After a month, the designer died. And sadly, he never got to see his dream come true.

6) Roebling’s Son Took Over The Project, But Sadly He Became Ill Too

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After the horrific death of John Roebling, his son Washington Roebling took the complete charge of Brooklyn Bridge’s construction. Washington came up with the idea to use caissons as the foundation of the bridge’s towers but, in the meanwhile, Washington became bedridden because of a serious disease called Caisson’s disease in 1872.

7) Emily The Saviour

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After Washington’s sickness, the bridge construction work was led by his wife Emily. Reportedly, she took all the responsibilities and ended up being the perfect assistant chief engineer. In fact, she played a crucial part in the construction of the prominent bridge “The Brooklyn Bridge” and therefore, the bridge was completed in 1883.

8) Another Dreadful Tragedy Related To The Brooklyn Bridge

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History has so many tales related to the tragic death that happened at the Brooklyn Bridge. But the dreadful deaths didn't stop. According to the reports, a woman crossing the bridge got her heel stuck in some planks on the Memorial Day in 1883. And she started screaming, making the people believe that the bridge was about to collapse. Sadly, the people believed her and panicked. Due to this, around 12 people died and many people got injured.

9) It’s Still The Strongest Bridge Of New York City

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Though the popularity of the bridge was not hidden. In fact, everyone knows that it was built with a purpose to connect two cities. According to the reports, the Brooklyn Bridge is still playing its role quite amazingly and over 100,000 vehicles, 4,000 pedestrians and almost 2600 bikes cross it every day.

10) Shockingly Enough! A Rooster Was The First One To Cross The Bridge

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Well, we all know that the Emily was the savior and played the chief role during the construction of the bridge. But, a rooster was the first one to cross the bridge. Yes! Don’t be surprised! Reportedly, Emily took the rooster from the Brooklyn Bridge side to the Manhattan side. It was like a symbol of victory for all them and for her too.

Some facts are shocking, some are dreadful and some are simply amazing. No wonder, the facts related to this famous Brooklyn Bridge truly define the hard work of the workers, the chief engineer and everybody else involved.


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