10 Egyptian Pharaohs Famous As Messengers Of God

Pharaohs are known as mighty leaders of ancient Egypt. These God-kings ruled over ancient Egypt for more than 30,000 years.

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10 Egyptian Pharaohs Famous As Messengers Of God

Pharaohs were the political and religious leaders who were considered as gods of ancient Egypt. Thus they built their own temples and monuments in honor of themselves. They were regarded as god on Earth. Most of the pharaohs were men but there were some female pharaohs also who thrived in ancient Egypt. Pharaohs were entitled as the ‘High Priest Of Every Temple’ and ‘Lord Of The Two Lands’. There were more than 30 dynasties in ancient Egypt and more than 170 rulers reigned on the land of Egypt.

Here’s list of 10 Egyptian pharaohs famous as messenger of gods.

1. Djoser

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Djoser was the king of ancient Egypt’s third dynasty. He reigned for at least 19 years during that period. He was the first pharaoh who lived exclusively in the royal city of Memphis. He was responsible for the first stone pyramid with a rectangular flat structure that made room for six stepped pyramids.

2) Khufu

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Khufu was the second Egyptian pharaoh of the 4th dynasty. He is famous in the ancient Egypt because he commissioned the building of the Great Pyramid Of Giza which is also known as great pyramid of Khufu. This great pyramid was among the list of seven wonders of the ancient world. He reigned for 24 years.

3) Khafre

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Khafre was a pharaoh of the 4th dynasty of ancient Egypt. He built the second largest pyramid in Giza which is exactly similar in size and shape as of the Great Pyramid. It was constructed on an elevated land. He also built the Great Sphinx near the causeway which lead towards the pyramid. He was the son of king Khufu.

4) Hatshepsut

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Hatshepsut was a female pharaoh of the 18th dynasty. She was earlier seen as the guardian of the throne after his husband’s death. But she was determined and later declared herself as the pharaoh of the empire. She became pharaoh when other regimes had male leaders. Ancient Egypt thrived under her rule and thus she is regarded as the first great women in history to rule for a really long period of time.

5) Thutmose lll

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Thutmose III was the joint leader of the ancient Egypt with her stepmother Hatshepsut but he set an example for those who saw him as a great leader and a powerful warrior. He was in charge of the army. Thutmose III marched his army towards the main route so that he could take control of it. It was one of the most important part of Egypt for expanding their territory. He himself roled in the middle as a chariot to win the battle of Megiddo and became successful in fleeing the enemy from the rout.

6) Amenhotep lll

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Amenhotep reigned in the 18th dynasty for over 40 years. He became pharaoh at a very young age due to the demise of his father Thutmose lV. He took the advantage of the Egypt’s international power and prosperity. He erected numerous temples, monuments, and statues during his reign.

The eighteenth dynasty was considered as the most stable and prosperous one. He was responsible for the temple of Amun in the modern days. He ruled during the peak of Egypt’s power.

7) Ramses ll

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Ramses ll was the most powerful pharaoh who ruled the 19th dynasty. He reigned in ancient Egypt for 67 years and built a massive tomb for his children in the valley of kings. He declared himself as the god of Egyptians and removed names of the ancient pharaoh from the monuments and wrote his own. He was also regarded as a military genius and due to his significance, nine other pharaohs were named after him.

8) Tutankhamun

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Tutankhamun was the youngest pharaoh of the ancient Egypt. His reign, being the shortest one, might have gone unnoticed if Howard Carter had not discovered it in his expedition in Egypt. Despite the young age, his impact on Egypt was significant. When he came to power, he restored the temples of Amun. If he would not have done that, ancient Egypt’s faith would have eroded in history.

9) Ramses lll

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Ramses lll was the pharaoh of 20th dynasty of the new kingdom.  He was not a relative of Ramses ll. There was a time period when there was no laws. His father died and he had to fight with various invaders who were trying to take the advantage of Egypt’s turmoil. During his reign, he even built the mortuary temple and various other buildings.

10) Cleopatra Vll

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Cleopatra Vll was the last pharaoh of Egypt. She reigned along with her younger son and two other brothers. She united the country again and brought prosperity back for some time. She was the ruler of Ptolemaic Egypt before it became the Roman Empire. Her beauty and intelligence were legendary and it can be proved from her romantic liaisons with Mark Antony and Julius Caesar.

These are some famous Egyptian pharaohs known as the messenger of gods.


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