10 Origin Stories Of World’s Famous Fast Food Chains

Food chains have a deep-rooted history of origin. The world market’s faith in the food industry grew stronger with the advent of fast food chains. Let’s see origin stories of some of these food chains here.

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10 Origin Stories Of World’s Famous Fast Food Chains

You often go to McDonald’s, Domino's Pizza or Pizza Hut and eat the delicious food items and enjoy their tempting taste. But have you ever wondered how these food chains became so popular and how did their business flourish in the evergreen food industry?

Let's have a look at the most popular food chains and know their untold story of success.

1) McDonald’s

Source = Businessinsider

In 1940, two brothers named Mc and Dick opened a McDonald Bar-B-Que. Eight years later, they decided to revamp the bar and opened a restaurant with some of their most lucrative food items in the menus. Hamburgers were one of the favorite food items among their customers.

They later shortened the name to McDonald's. In 1954, Multimixer Salesman Ray Kroc visited the restaurant and found that the system set up by the brothers was efficient. So, he franchised the company in the initial days and later became the company’s owner.

2) Burger King

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Burger mega-chain was started in 1953 in Jacksonville, Fla by Keith J. Kramer and Matthew Burns. They decided the name of their first location as Insta Burger King. In the following year, new branches of the Insta Burger King were opened in Miami by Edgerton and McLamore.

In 1959, due to financial hardships, Kramer and Burns sold the company to McLamore and Edgerton who then renamed the food chain as Burger King.

3) Wendy’s

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Dave Thomas opened the first Wendy’s location in Columbus, Ohio on 15 November 1969. He opened another location the following year. This chain turned out to be very successful because of its signature square burgers and milkshakes.

4) Pizza Hut

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Pizza Hut was started by Dan and Frank Carney who borrowed $600 from their mother to start a business of Pizzeria. They gave free pizza on the opening day and it reaped huge profits later.

They named it as Pizza Hut because only three letters could be used in the complementary sign. The building looked like a hut in earlier stages and thus got its name from there. People began franchising the company in successive years.

5) Domino’s Pizza

Source = Huffpost

Two brothers Tom and James Morgan purchased a small pizzeria known as Dominick's for $900. Later on, James decided to sell the partnership to Tom for the old Volkswagen.

Five years later, Tom changed its name from Dominick's to Domino’s. He opened his first franchise in 1967. After his retirement in 1998, he sold the company to Bain Capital for $1 billion.

6) Subway

Source = Hungryforever

This food chain was founded by Fred De Lucas. He opened a sandwich shop to earn something in order to pay the medical school education.

Dr. Peter Buck lend $1000 to De Lucas to open a branch of the sandwich shop in Bridgeport. He later became his business partner. Eventually, the name ‘Subway’ took over the market and became a successful food chain.

7) Dunkin’ Donuts

Source = Insidetimmies

The idea of Dunkin Donuts was developed by William Rosenberg in Quincy, MA. He noticed that the sale of coffee and donuts were at peak during that time. So he began Dunkin’ Donuts and his idea became successful. In 1959, he began selling its franchise.

8) White Castle

Source = Blogspot

Bill Ingram founded America’s food chain ‘White Castle’ with the starting funds of $700. He started serving the chain’s signature sliders. The first White Castle was opened in 1921 in Wichita.

The following year, another White Castle was opened in El Dorado Kan and its chain was expanded to Omaha and Kansas City.

9) Arby's

Source = Adweek

Raffel brothers opened the first Arby's and discovered that the supply of food chain was at a halt. So he decided to expand the business by serving other items such as potatoes chips, sandwiches, and drinks. They began expanding it to other states. By 70’s, they had opened more than 50 stores in the country.

10) Panera Bread

Source = Trussvilletribune

The company was originally known as St. Louis Bread. But it changed its name and came to be known as Panera deriving its name from a Latin word which meant bread basket or bread bowl. The founder Ron Shaich sold its company to Au Bon Pain in the later stage.

So these are interesting origin stories of some leading brands of fast food chains that have successfully established themselves in the world.


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