15 Funny Things To Ask Amazon’s Alexa

Apple has Siri and Microsoft has Cortana whereas Amazon has Alexa with a sense of humour and has given Alexa lots of funny responses should you happen to ask any of these questions from this post.

6 years ago
15 Funny Things To Ask Amazon’s Alexa

You can ask tricky questions to Alexa and she will reply with equal sass which the question asks for. Here are over 15 funny questions to ask Alexa that are bound to make you laugh or at least Chuckle at Amazon’s Alexa. These questions are sure to bring Alexa’s wonderful and funny personality to light for you.

1) Alexa, I Am Your Father

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Prepare yourself for an accurate and funny Star Wars related answer because the question is a nod to one of the most iconic dialogues in the history of Star Wars.

Alexa's response: No, that's not true. That's impossible.

2) Alexa, Help! I’ve Fallen, And I Can’t Get Up

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Try say that to Alexa, even if you’re not really in need of help. Alexa’s gullibly direct response will make you laugh.

Sorry, I can't help. Please call emergency services directly using your phone.

3) Alexa, Why Is Water Wet?

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Alexa could put this life long question to the rest, you’ve just gotta ask. You might find out something really funny.

4) Alexa, How Are Babies Made?

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The all knowing machine, which answers almost every question regardless of the age of the person’s age who is asking. This question is kind of a nightmare for all the parents that Alexa could answer without filters. Go ahead and find out what Alexa responds with.

5) Alexa, Do You Know Siri?

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What does Alexa has to say about its Apple counterpart. Don’t know it yet, why not find out by asking Alexa this question.

6) Alexa, Drumroll Please?

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For the situations where you need a little drama for the revelation. Just ask Alexa for a drumroll politely and she will deliver.

7) Alexa, What Is The Longest Word In The English Language?

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The response to this question is knowledgeable and can get funny as well as Alexa recites the word trying to not sound robotic.

8) Alexa, What Is Your Gender?

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If you haven’t guessed with her voice then you’d probably want to ask her yourself. With gender fluidity around in the air you might not get a straight answer.

9) Alexa, Beam Me Up!

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*Transporter sounds will play.*

10) Alexa, Hello HAL.

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And of course this subtle nod to the main antagonist of the Stanley Kubrick’s classic 2001: A Space Odyssey. Alexa might help you to understand the complexities of the epic itself.53_2423_post_media_CaUO

11) Alexa, Do You Do Drugs?

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Alexa will probably school you on this one. But go ahead if you’re a brave one, looking for some wisdom.

12) Alexa, Beatbox.

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Alexa will beatbox for you so good that you will start thinking about starting a rock band with her. Just ask her to drop a beat and she’ll deliver.

13) Alexa, Do You Know That I Like Big Butts?

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Amazon’s personal assistant can even recognize that you’re referencing to the Sir Mix-a-Lot’s hit single ‘Baby got back’. Her reply is hilarious to say the least.

You cannot lie. Good. Honesty is important.

14) Alexa, Can You Give Me Some Money?

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And if you want to learn sass, Alexa can give you a taste of it. Just try asking Alexa for money. And she’ll probably say  “I'm not a bank”.53_2423_post_media_zdMu

15) Alexa, Did You Fart?

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Fart jokes never get old and if you are immature and daring enough you can ask Alexa this silly question to get rid of awkward silences in the family get together.

Alexa - I never, ever broken wind.


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