14 Epic GIFs of Water Slide Fails That are Just Hilarious as Hell

Check out this funny water slide fails compilation that would take you back to your childhood days.

7 years ago
14 Epic GIFs of Water Slide Fails That are Just Hilarious as Hell

Where do you plan to go in summers?  You either look for the beach travel destinations or the best water parks in your city. It is fun slopping down the water slides and having fun around the beaches. 

No wonder, spending an evening on the beach is memorable. Also, going along with friends in a water park is a pleasurable experience. But sometimes the poor design of slide or sitting in a wrong posture on the slide results in epic water slide fail. 

People love to laugh at other’s pain. And what could be hilarious than seeing a person sliding on the slide in the wrong way? So, here are some people who became victims of people’s laughter. You better learn from their mistakes and do not repeat the same in the water park. 

Note: These waterslide-fails GIFs are hilarious but also teach you not to act stupid in the water park. 

1. Hey! What You are Doing, Man?

OMG! This is crazy. I guess this man deserves the worst father of the year award. He should learn first how to slide.

2. Haha! Hilarious

Never try to stand in the pool of the fast water. Otherwise, this can also happen to you. 

I can’t stop laughing! 

3. Was He Playing in the Kid’s Slide?

I bet he would not slide again

4. Have You Seen a Sumo Sliding on the Water Slide?

No, this slide is not meant for you. But must say, he took an amazing jump.

5. No Double Seat Next Time!

Go single, or look for a comfortable partner.

6. Nice Try! But Sorry for the Terrible Experience that You Had

It seems that she doesn’t want to go to the water park, so she created a slide outside her house. But must say, she tried her best. Better luck next time!

7. Would You Mind Sliding With a Shark?

Is this risky? If you find this amazing and want to try, then head off to Atlantis Paradise Island Waterpark. It is one of the biggest waterparks in the world. The slide here takes you through the tank filled with sharks.

But, you might fall into the shark-infested pool if you miss the narrow opening. Sounds scary! Well, if you are looking to experience something like this, then here are the craziest and the scariest water slides from around the world.

8. He Should Have Tried the RED One! What do You Think?

That was not the slide, but the bumper ride. Haha!

9. Oops! She Had to Take a Bath Again

Poor Girl! Never mind, come back after a trial.

10. This Happened When You Try to be Over-smart in Front of Kids

Okay, Uncle! Now, go on a slide that could balance your weight.

11. See! This is How You Slide

I guess he should take his kids to the real water park.

12. Can You See Water Around?

I haven’t seen this kind of water park. It is completely dry and has no water anywhere.

13. He is Doing a Stunt!

This is a stunt, not a water slide fail.

14. Is He a Trainer? Maybe!

Wow! What a balance!

Waterslide Safety Tips for Kids and Adults

Have you learned something from the above GIFs or waterslide fails? Before you plan for an adventurous trip to the waterpark, make sure that you know the safety tips for the waterslide.

1. Read the clear instruction posted outside the slide entrance regarding how to ride safely.

2. Don’t forget to carry PSD (Personal Flotation Devices) if available.

3. Don’t go down the slide before the operator/guard tells you.

So, the next time you go to a waterpark, make sure that you read and follow the rules mentioned by the waterpark owners.

Final Words

If not water slides, then how about sloping down the cemented slides? Sounds weird? Built back in the 1960s, Steward Street Slides are fun for kids and adults. This slide was built by a teenager and is an attracting point in San Francisco.

Have you ever seen anyone misbalancing on the slide? How was your reaction to it? Did you laugh or help him/her out? Probably, you have laughed! But if this post excites you to go to the water park, then pack your bags. Don’t forget to read the instructions before taking a ride at the water park.

Happy Surfing!


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