10 Selfie Hacks That Win Your Social Media Audience

Selfies are ruling the world and everyone out here wants to become selfie king or queen. But to be honest, the selfie is not a selfie until it is clicked with a fine art and practice.

6 years ago
10 Selfie Hacks That Win Your Social Media Audience

You can’t deny that you haven’t clicked a selfie on your phone. It doesn’t matter if you have deleted that ugly picture 10 times just to get a better click; the point is that you have clicked a selfie. In the world full of selfie lovers you cannot say I am an exception? When you think of social media, you probably don’t think it simply as an entertainer or best time pass instead you approve it as an excellent platform to attract people around you, to increase followers in any way.

For some, selfies are the crucial part of their daily life, for some, it is just a regular click. Right from celebrities to the gym lovers, everyone finds selfies as the important part of their lives. Make the best of your selfie click and get over a million likes. You might be wondering if it is easy? Well, here are the selfie hacks that you should try at least once to win your social audience.

1. Cut The Background

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The foremost thing you should do while uploading the selfie on any social network is to cut the background. The less background the better it is. Do a background check before you pose for a crazy selfie.

Close the open doors, remove the dirty laundry and even pick up that showy soda or beer bottles. After you are done with a selfie, double check the picture and ensure that you don’t miss anything that could make you embarrassed.

2. Practice Your Pose

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Another selfie hack that people don’t often do is rehearsing the poses. Learn the pose that makes you look beautiful and clean. Try out different hairstyles, different look and then decide which side you like the best. Make pouts, angry faces or anything that looks natural and instantaneous. People do like natural photos.

3. Add on Accessories

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Selfie is not only about poses, it is also about the accessories you wear. Before you take a selfie add-on sunglasses, a hat, funky necklace, temporary face tattoo, etc. You can even take a picture with your anklet wearing on hand or can focus on funky pony beads. Take a selfie with your creation, and don’t leave it out beyond anyone’s imagination. (10.1)

4. Zoom In And Zoom Out

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Zoom in, instead bring your phone closer, this is the best selfie hack to avoid the wrinkles and poor texture. When you zoom in you give the negative details of your face and this is what audience don’t like. Hold your smartphone back and use the zoom option. Even the zoom feature will automatically cut the boring background.

5. Make The Best Use Of Filter

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Don’t panic even if your selfie is not at your best level. You can easily retouch it after clicked. Use new filters or any of the common filters you have on your phone to make the picture better in any way. Using the filter, adjust the colors, saturation and edit the image in a way you want.

6. Show Some Activity

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Not every person wins over expressions. Some are there who are very bad at expressions but are great at posing when engaged in the activity. Are you hiking on the mountains? Great! Then what could be a better time to take a selfie. Ride on a bicycle, the layout on waves, beach or sit on a canoe and pose. These are some excellent selfie hacks to improve the social audience as people love watching interesting poses and activities.

7. Try Out Different Angles

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Are you fed up with those dark circles that constantly appear under your eyes every time you click a selfie? Try experimenting taking the selfie with different angles. Hold the smartphone at different angles when you are at height (mountain) or want to click when you are at a level (road). According to the selfie experts, the best selfie angle is when you hold your phone directly above your eyes and tilt at 45 degrees. This practice eliminates the shadowing and also the awful face. People often like the pictures which have clarity, and some engaging content (it might be your good looking face without dark circles)

8. Don’t Click Blurry

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Is there any single time when you have clicked a selfie and it didn’t turn out blurry? Make sure that you keep your phone still when you are taking a picture. To get rid of those blurry images keep on practicing how to keep the phone still, and how to pause at the moment for selfie-snapping. Blurry picture not only delivers the poor image but also doesn’t engage your followers for like or comment.

9. Use Back Facing Camera

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Is there any rule defined that you can’t click the selfie with the back camera? More often people use the only front camera to take a selfie, and end on ‘not a great image’. Initially, they never find it good enough to upload it without any filter. Here’s another selfie hack which 70% people don’t bother about. Never take a selfie with front camera when the place is low on light.

10. Stay Confident

Confidence does shine in selfies. The way how you click selfies should be equivalent to the way you pose. You can either choose to look dull while posing or you can feel awesome with a quick touch of self-confidence. Hold your head up, smile and feel proud of your features. 

If you don’t find yourself confident enough while uploading the selfie, don’t worry! Now a day’s people are offering courses for people who want to become expert in the field of the selfie. Not only this, there are also some institutions who are offering online courses for taking selfies. So do you want to give a try?


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