10 Weirdest But Easiest Tips to Live Longer and Stay Healthy

Are you fed up of boring exercises or diet plans to live longer? If yes, then take a sigh! Here we are with 10 weirdest but easiest tips to live longer and to stay healthy.

5 years ago
10 Weirdest But Easiest Tips to Live Longer and Stay Healthy

Eat hygienic food, drink water a lot, do exercise, and get a good sleep are common pieces of advice we've all heard to live a long and healthy life. But have you ever thought that some unusual habits like sun baths, avoiding alarm clocks, etc. can also bring long and healthy life to you? Oh yes, hard to believe but true.

Many not-so-obvious habits will not deprive you of life’s pleasures and also will help you stay both healthy and happy. And the best part is, some of these habits may already exist in your routine — so it's a win-win.

So, we are listing some unordinary yet easy habits which you can easily add to improve your health and live a bit longer.

1. Go Barefoot

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As we know to take off shoes while we’re inside the house or playing in the grass feels free but the story does not end here. It helps avoid absorption of some of the toxins that linger in the soles of your shoes. Well, we are not saying to ditch your shoes altogether but try avoiding it most of the time.

However, make sure going barefoot is not at all applicable for daytimes like 2 AM as obvious. Moreover, it is an easy thing we can try anyway and if it is fruitful then why not!

2. Spice it Up

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It is always seen that certain spices have been touted for their health benefits. And, one Nutrition & Diabetes Expert Palinski-Wade says-

“Turmeric has incredible anti-inflammatory properties, which may fight against joint pain and promote a healthier heart. Inflammation can accelerate the aging process, so anything that reduces inflammation may help to slow it.”

Also, many more researchers have found that there is some antioxidant in turmeric which can help extend lifespan. And there is no doubt that cooking with the spice may be a healthier alternative to salt or sugar. Turmeric is one of the ancient Egyptian medicines which is also relevant in the modern era.

Apart from turmeric, one other healthy substitute is cinnamon. About this ingredient, Palinski-Wade says,

“Cinnamon may improve insulin sensitivity in the body, helping to reduce the risk of type 2 diabetes.”

Palinski-Wade says-

“Regular consumption may also lower LDL cholesterol levels.”

3. Giggle More

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There is no doubt that laughter is the best medicine. It seems like it is actually true. This rhythmical reaction of humans not only burns calories but also lowers blood pressure,  lowers stress levels, maintains your glucose and also helps your memory. So what are you thinking, laugh!

4. Care for Your Teeth

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This is something strange right? I mean how can teeth help for a longer living. But true your teeth condition could be a representation of your overall health. Hence, daily brushing as well as flossing surely extend your life. Several studies have shown that poor oral health could increase the risk of death. Even many gum diseases have been associated with mouth cancer, diabetes, and heart disease.

In the same context, Dr. Dewar said,

“There is a connection, but it is complex and not completely understood. Healthy teeth lower the number of bad bacteria in the body and also allow us to eat a fuller and more diverse diet—things all improve overall health.”

5. Work Hard

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It seems bad to you right? Me too! But truly you’ll reap the benefits later on working hard now. Although, don’t work too hard. What this means is involving yourself in productive and meaningful tasks will surely enhance your survival and lessen your chances of early death. And what? You live even longer!

6. Own a Pet

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We have heard that our connections to healthy and happy people lead us to live longer. But have you ever thought the company of pets also leads to living longer? But truly any pet owner can tell you how their furry friends make them happier.

Even several scientists discovered it and shown that interacting with pets enhances the feel-good hormone oxytocin, decreases the anxiety hormone cortisol, and also lessens cardiovascular risk as well as blood pressure. Also, dogs inspire to exercise.

Moreover, one report from the American Heart Association also supports the health advantages of pets. Although, do make sure that you already like animals else you won't be able to reap these benefits. As Dr. Dewar said,

“If you hate cats, owning one won’t improve your life—and if you live longer it will be in misery!”

7. Skip a Few Showers

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Weird? Same for us! There is no doubt that taking a shower is part of our daily habit. But many researchers have shown that over-washing of skin can strip up its natural oils and kill the good type of bacteria that may help fight sickness, allergies, and eczema. And, also too much of water can over-dry the skin or may result in wrinkling.

Well, it is one of the habits usually considered bad but is ultimately good for your health.

8. Have a Couple Drinks

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OMG, how come? We have all heard that alcohol is bad for health. But, this is very, very good news. Many studies have shown that moderate consumption of alcohol can surely lead to a longer life expectancy. But make sure drinking is in moderate quantity. And, moderate quantity is described as one to two drinks per week. So, you can easily have a happy weekend! What say?

9. Dance

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It’s pretty amusing, right? However, many experts from France stated that learning to dance or dance often is the best way to increase one’s lifespan. All studies mentioned that the best dancing skill does help you to have a long life is a salsa.

It has been stated that dancing often makes the bones strong, helps to cope with asthma and also improves the lung function and the blood system. Well, the main agenda is to keep moving and to stay in an uplifted mood.

10. Walk

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As we know, running is good for one’s health but if you find running too intensive, then try walking. Exactly even walking for a brisk 20-minute a day is advantageous.

This is not something we are only saying but according to research presented at the European Society of Cardiology, moderate exercise of 25 minutes a day including brisk walking can add three to seven years to one’s life.

Dr. Stewart says,

“An advantage of walking over running is that nearly the same health benefits can be obtained but with a much-reduced risk of muscle and joint injury. So an active lifestyle can be maintained for many, many years while protecting against heart disease, diabetes, and cancer.
Walk 15 minutes in one direction. Then, turn around and walk back to where you started—you will have 30 minutes of walking done before you know it!”

Final Thoughts

So, here we have mentioned ten easiest plus weirdest tips to live longer and to stay healthy. Follow them and enjoy your golden years.

Moreover, which of these pieces of advice are you going to follow? Please tell us through comment section!

Stay Healthy, Live Long!


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