8 Afterlife Stories of People Who Were Clinically Dead for a While

Have you ever heard that someone was clinically dead for a while and came to life again? I know this is shocking but true! Many people out there faced this. So read these stories and have a look at their Afterlife experience.

5 years ago
8 Afterlife Stories of People Who Were Clinically Dead for a While

There are several myths related to human death. Like there are places called heaven or hell for the afterlife. Some of these tales are scary, while some are beautiful. But not everyone believes these tales.

Yes, because undoubtedly everything you hear is not true. So for them who don't believe these heaven hell stories, here we are sharing a few real stories from people who have faced a clinical death and came back to life again. Also, these stories are proof that there is something called Afterlife. Well, all of these stories show different phases of Afterlife which we are unaware of. Have-a-look!

1. Meeting a Mysterious Women

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The story is a little unique where a mysterious woman comforted their uncle through afterlife duration. The story goes as a person met a motorcycle accident and was later revived. There a woman named Mary came and stayed with him when he was waiting for the ambulance to show up.

Also, this woman consoled him by saying everything would be okay and also assured him that she would stay as long as he needed. So, this woman made him feel warm and comfortable, and he just felt this immense sense of calm and peace. Well, he was still able to see his surroundings and the truck driver who hit him.

However, later he felt was feeling unconscious, and there was no woman. Also, when he took his first breath again, his throat burned. He kept asking about the woman when he came back to life again.

2. A Girl Woke Up in the Field

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Well, this one I liked a lot because here the girl who faced clinical death got the choice to stay or come back to life. Yes, this girl had an interesting experience after a doctor overdosed her on lithium. She claims that she met God after death.

After experiencing death, she woke up in a field with her grandparents around her. There only, she encountered a ball of light similar to the sun which spoke to her, and that she interpreted as God.

According to her, God gave her a choice to stay there in the afterlife or go back, but if she is choosing to go back, she would have to deal with the consequences of lithium poisoning in her body. Anyway, she chose to come back and woke up.

3. Afterlife is Beautiful and Calm

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Another great story of death which shows death is not that scary as it is presented to us. Also, it is interesting because it is faced by a child at the age of six. Shocking, right? But it is true. This kid had Type 1 diabetes, and suddenly her blood sugar became dangerously low. Low sugar level can kill one, so the kid ended up having a seizure, that means death.

But soon she was 'pulled back.' Well, that moment she felt so disoriented that she thought she was on a roller coaster. But before coming back to life, she enjoyed the view of very beautiful and calming surroundings.

Not only this but coming back to home surrounded by people (Mother, sister, and three men from the paramedics) disturbed the kid. No wonder that for a six-year-old who didn't quite understand death, it is so confusing to go from the beautiful place to such a chaotic scene.

4. Abruptly Ended Up in a Tunnel

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This one is an exceptional story of death as she also met her deceased relative in that duration. Don’t believe it? Read ahead.

It’s the story of a  mother who survived a very bad car crash. After the crash, she went into cardiac arrest. And with the help of paddles, she resuscitated. After clinical death, she felt like floating above her own body.

Well, later and unexpectedly she ended up in a tunnel. And, at that tunnel, she met one of her deceased relative who told her that she had to go back as it wasn't her time yet. According to her,  the tunnel closed the moment he said that, and she ended up back in her body.

5. Lost Personal Identity

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It’s something new I have read. And, it’s little scary too as it was about unconscious state or state of nothingness. Also, the person lost personal identity during that time of afterlife. According to the patient, he struggled a lot to believe again that he existed when he woke up. He also claimed this duration as the weirdest feeling in the world.  According to him, it was like being on another plane of existence.

6. It was Nothingness

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This one is surely an interesting tale of death as there was ‘Nothing’ between alive & dead. As this person met an accident, the last thing he remembered was being upside down in the air before the van finally hit the ground. And after that,  all he felt is nothing also everything went black of his eyes. He later claimed that he did not even have any feelings or thoughts. Hence it was pure nothingness.

There is no doubt that nothingness scares people. But according to this man,  you don't even know that you existed hence nothing scary at all. Not even painful because you discontinue living. Later he stated that it all happens so fast that you have no real idea what's going on which is surely one interesting thing about death. Well, he was revived after that. Hence, it went from nothingness to back to life again.

7. Another Example of Nothingness; All Black

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Just the same as the above story, this person also admitted that there was nothing between life and death. It was all Black! He admitted that it was just a deep blackness like in a deep sleep. He reveals that he woke up in a hospital room four days later after experiencing deep black sleep. After that,  doctors told him that they suffered a case of Ventricular Fibrillation. That means he was on the floor without a pulse for about 10 minutes before getting zapped twice.

8. Ghosts Saying Your Time is Running Out

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Dying is a terrifying thing for many. And no doubt that even a thought can be horrifying that your heart’s going to stop beating. And this story is quite similar. Yes! While an old man was laying in hospice care, he observed flames surrounding him as he moves towards death. Also, he has claimed that he encountered a ghost child at the foot of his bed where the child was telling him that his time was rapidly approaching.

Final Thoughts

Well, we have seen all stories containing different perspectives of Afterlife. For some, it was calm and beautiful. While for others, it was nothing less than horrifying. Anyway, all these versions are great as we are getting some real-life tales of Afterlife, not just myths. And also these stories show that our brain works after death as well. Strange it is!

So, which story you found horrifying or which one you liked the most. Tell us through the comment section.


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