Blue Whale Challenge - The Dark Sides Of Mysterious Dares

The blue whale challenge is a Death Game played online mostly by the teenagers who are targeted to commit suicide on the last day of completion of a game.

6 years ago
Blue Whale Challenge - The Dark Sides Of Mysterious Dares

Death taking away challenge originated on Facebook is flooded in the newspapers of Russia and other countries. All the teenagers who play the game have committed suicide. This game has already taken away the lives of innocent 130 teenagers across the globe, according to the statistics. And many of them were on the way to commit suicide very soon which will increase the death rate in the coming days.

The popularity of the game is increasing day by day. Influencing teenagers to play the game and allotting them a different task which will become intense on daily basis and later on telling them to commit suicide.

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What is the game all about?

This game was started in 2013, with Budeikin 22 year old, the person who invented the game. He began it by creating contacts online with impressionable teenagers. He then selects the one who has a chance of getting manipulated by them easily.

He asks them to talk about themselves so that he can make out the right candidate who can complete the game. Sometimes he skypes them and asks them to watch the depressing contents available online. While completing the task, they ask the victim to take the photograph or videotape and to send the administrator so that they have the proof of completing the task including which includes suicide as well.

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The Blue Whale challenge game assigns the daily task to be completed in 50 days where each day they will have to perform a task and send them a proof of it. Initially, the game began with the easy task such as to watch a horror movie and slowly increasing the magnitude of the game in the later days such as asking them to attempt suicide by cutting the veins or engraving something on their bodies, killing animals and finally influencing the victim to commit suicide.

Associated Story Behind The Name

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The game was named Blue Whale challenge because one of the teenagers was allotted the task to make a blue whale on the paper and then craving the same on the body. The picture became viral and thus the game was named the Blue Whale Challenge.

Teens Brain Wash

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On Thursday a 14-year-old boy of Mumbai named Manpreet Shah became the victim of the fatal online game. He committed suicide from the seven-storey building.

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The game became popular and came in the limelight of the people across the globe when she committed suicide posting the blue whale picture on the Instagram. Before she jumps off from the 14th-floor building.

The game is still influencing the mind of the teenagers despite the creator of the Death game is behind the bars sentenced for the three years. The death rate of the people is increasing currently many individuals are indulging in the game.

Be Aware It Can Kill You

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The teenagers must be made aware of such deplorable online games such as Pokemon Go and Blue Whale Challenge which has resulted in the death of many people all around the world.

Motive Behind The Game

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Budekhin claimed by stating that there is a large biological waste in the society which will cause harm in the near future so he is trying to clean the society of such people.

He denied the fact that he and his game is responsible for 130 deaths which took place. He said, "That he has directly influenced only 17 people to commit suicide." And rest of them indirectly committed suicide.

He further stated that he insisted the teenagers be awake all night as it becomes easy to manipulate them by the Psyche. He said he has studied sound engineering and Psychology for three years. Thus he knows how to convince people at a point.

This is how he was able to develop the game which gained lime lights from all over the world despite being a Death Game causing people to take away their own life.


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