'A Memorable Ride'! All in One Auto | Meet Amazing Auto Driver Annadurai

"I don't focus on money. My only focus is on customer satisfaction."  - Say’s Annadurai, an auto driver&...

7 years ago
'A Memorable Ride'! All in One Auto | Meet Amazing Auto Driver Annadurai

"I don't focus on money. My only focus is on customer satisfaction."  - Say’s Annadurai, an auto driver 

Today, in this selfish world where MONEY is everything, an Auto driver Annadurai is one who doesn’t focus on money much rather wants to earn the customer satisfaction. It sounds bit fake. Right! But it is real.

Annadurai, an auto driver, a high school dropout, from Chennai has around 10,000 of followers on fb and has delivered 50 speeches at the corporate offices, not only this he also has 2 ted talks in his list.

Read his story and you will get to know about his reality. How he delivers CUSTOMER SATISFACTION and why he is SOO Famous? What extraordinary things he do for the customers? 

About His Great Services

People of Old Mahabalipuram, In Chennai wait on road side for Annadurai the auto driver to pick them up. It is not an ordinary auto rickshaw. 

This auto has the best modern amenities like laptop, tablets, free WiFi, magazines and much more things. To remove the problems of change he also installed a swiping machine, he only charges 10-25 rs from the customers and it all depends upon the distance. 

Hi-tech Auto!!!

 Why Annadurai Has Huge Fans? 

Apart from the services he provides, what make people his FAN is – he provides offers to his customers; 

* Free rides to teacher on Teacher’s day

* Free Ride to couples on Valentine’s Day (they also gets chocolate)

* Free Ride to mothers on Mother’s Day 

* Free ride to women on women’s day (over the age of 50)

* He offers 50% discount to all customer on APJ Abdul Kalam’s bday!

* Free Ride to Father’s on Father’s day (over the age of 50)

He just wants to make sure that whoever comes for the ride must have a happy experience. 

About His Earnings –

He earns around 45000-50000 a month and spend 10k on the services he provide.


He offers, WiFi, 40+ magazines, a laptop, a tablet, an iPad Pro, approx 10 language newspapers, m-Visas and a card punching machine. He also has the best facility, Recharge facility for the SIM card.

imgsource= “thehindu”

Annadurai, owns an app called "Amazing Auto."

Annadurai , owns an app called "Amazing Auto,"  for his customers he will soon release the iOS version you can try the app from play store if you live in that area, and catch the status and availability for this trip. 

Timings of the Ride

He starts, in morning around 8 AM till 12 PM and then from 5 PM to 11 PM till night on a typical day. 

The main issue with us is, we give up just because of taunts and negative results, but he never gave up on his dreams. I'm adding this again, never give up mates, never.

Anna described himself. "I am first and foremost a high school dropout. I think a lot and try to do them. Some of my doings are the reason for you to be reading about me. The most important thing which I believe in is "Athiti Devo Bavah." 

Annadurai has his website , and an FB page called 'Amazing Auto' which has over 10,000 followers already. He has now emerged as an entrepreneur and goes to corporate gatherings to deliver inspirational speeches. 

"A Ride to Remember"- Watch the video!

source=“big short films”

"Customers prefer to experience luxury these days. I must keep myself upgraded accordingly".

Know More About Anna ?

source=“Pocket Films - Indian Short Films”

"A lot of things have changed today, except for the auto. Most auto rickshaws are the same as they were decades ago and there is no improvement. I want to bring a change in this area…", says Anna.

If you ever get a chance to visit Mahabalipuram, do experience this amazing ride with Annadurai.


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