10 Coronavirus-Inspired Tech Innovations Helping People to Fight the Pandemic

Are you using any of the COVID-19 inspired tech innovations? If not, then this is the time you should use them to prevent yourself from the pandemic.

3 years ago
10 Coronavirus-Inspired Tech Innovations Helping People to Fight the Pandemic

Coronavirus pandemic is spreading rapidly and affecting people from around the world. The virus has shut down several businesses and affected startups. It has also changed everyone’s lifestyle and made a devastating impact on industries. 

Earlier in history, when the pandemics occurred, many healthcare services came forward to fight against the crisis. COVID-19 is not an exception. Healthcare services have shown that they have healthcare experts who can find amazing ways to come back stronger and to fight the pandemic. 

Let us see different tech innovations that are helping people in adjusting new normal. 

1. Coronavirus Disinfect Tunnel

Source = Timesofindia

In Tirupur, India, D Venkatesh, who runs a water treatment company, has designed and developed a Coronavirus Disinfect Tunnel. It disinfects people when they walk through it. 

He got this idea by a video from Turkey, which showed people being sprayed with disinfectant. The disinfectant tunnel is a 16-feet stainless steel structure equipped in a mild steel frame. 

2. Hygiene SmartBand

Source = Geekwire

Earlier, the Seattle based company, Slightly Robot, launched a wristband. It was designed to keep people away from nail-biting and skin-picking. When it learned about the coronavirus and its social distancing norms, it redesigned its invention. 

Now when the person touches his/her face, it makes a sound. It alerts them to not touch the skin.

3. Social Distancing with Pool Noodles

Source = Fbcdn

People who visited this popular cafe and Konditorei Rothe in Schwerin, Germany, were captured wearing hats with pool noodles last month. The cafe manager is making people wear these hats to enforce social distancing. 

The pictures went viral on social media, and people loved this idea. 

4. Coronavirus Rise Tracking App - Corona Kavach

Source = India Legal

Corona Kavach is an Indian app developed by the Union Ministry of Electronics and Information Technology and the Union Ministry of Health and Family Welfare. 

The app tracks a person’s location and alerts his/her when she comes in contact with any COVID-19 patient. The app is in beta version and can be downloaded from the Google PlayStore. 

5. Distancing Lessons from the Carpet

Source = Blooloop

A popular flooring company Milliken has come up with a great innovation that aids social distancing. The new Social Factor Carpet Tiles are designed to make people aware of the physical distancing at work. The tiles have amazing attracting graphics that direct the people on how to keep a social distance. 

On the website, it has written, 

“Social Factor brings safety messages to life with lively and imaginative design treatments created to promote a spirit of positivity and commitment to a safe and healthy workplace.” 

It adds-

“Employees will demand a safe workplace. They felt secure and protected in their homes, they will want to feel equally safe when they return to the workplace.”

6. Enjoy Concerts from a Distance

Source = Rollingstone

Since the day the coronavirus pandemic has occurred, it has affected the concert. But now, events are happening virtually, and people are enjoying this new normal. One of the virtual events that are attracting the audience is the drive-in-concerts. 

The audience sits in the cars and tune-up to the gigs while parking their cars in the row. They tune the frequency where the music is broadcasted and beep their horns as support. 

7. Masks and Ventilators

Source = Dailymail

A Snood Mask with an antiviral coating from Virustatic Shield reduces the risk of cross-contamination from saliva droplets. It protects the viral infection points, including nose, ears, and mouth. 

Furthermore, it has an antiviral coating that neutralizes more than 90% of the airborne viruses. It doesn’t replace the ICU ventilator but, people won’t need it if they start wearing this. It also cleans the viral particles and supplies pure air. 

8. The World’s First Transparent FDA Registered N99+Smart Mask

Source = Yankodesign

It is the world’s first transparent face mask that allows others to see your identity and read facial expressions. 

It comes in different sizes to fit children and adults. It is reusable and has long-lasting filters to protect the environment. It has a self-purifying function and comes in three variants: Leaf UV, Leaf PRO, and Leaf HEPA. 

It is ultra-lightweight and delivers a safe breathing safe experience. It is a flexible and transparent mask and has a self-cleaning coating on the inner side. 

9. C-Mask

Source = Forbesimg

A Japanese startup has launched a face mask that can be connected to the smartphone. It can send messages via speech and allows users to call remotely. 

What’s amazing is it could translate From Japanese into other eight common languages. It also allows users to use their phone without removing their face masks. 

Donut Robotics CEO, Taisuke Ono, said- 

“We worked hard for years to develop a robot and we have used that technology to create a product that responds to how the coronavirus has reshaped society.”

10. UV Light to Kill Coronavirus

Source = Squarespace-cdn

A New MIT robot uses UV light to disinfect warehouses, schools, and offices. In a test done at the Greater Boston Food Bank, it covered 4000 square foot within 30 minutes. It uses a short-wavelength of ultraviolet light known as UV-C to break germs DNA. It uses a 3-D camera to navigate and 2D LiDARS to measure distances by illuminating targets with light. 

Final Words 

Recently, Hong Kong started a double-decker tram, keeping in mind social distancing and allowing people to travel from one place to another. 

What do you think about these Coronavirus-inspired tech innovations? Do you have any other ideas that researchers could bring to make a change in this COVID-19 lifestyle? If so, then share about them here.


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