6 Ways How the World & People’s Lifestyle Changed in Times of COVID-19

It’s been a month since the COVID-19 outbreak happened in the world. During this unprecedented and challenging times, much has changed.

4 years ago
6 Ways How the World & People’s Lifestyle Changed in Times of COVID-19

Ever since the coronavirus has affected the world, over 90% of people have changed their lifestyle. According to researchers from Stanford University and Baylor University, people are practicing social distancing and stockpiling food. In the US, over two-thirds of Americans are concerned about this pandemic. 

To survive this pandemic, offices have requested its workforce to do work from home and have also reduced its staff. Also, schools are conducting online classes to make sure that students utilize their time effectively.

A 15-Minute Online Survey Would Help in Noting the Changes the People Facing Worldwide

Source = Epilepsy

The latest reports suggest that a new study would be conducted to notice health behavior in people worldwide. It would help the local and public health policies in observing the changes in people’s health. 

It would be an online survey of 15 minutes and would have several questions related to COVID-19, how it is affecting the participant’s diet, health, and sleep. With responses from the different parts of the world, researchers would share local data with policymakers and residents. The data would then be used to help everyone in the community. 

Ph. D Professor and Associate Executive Director for Scientific Education at LSU’s Pennington Biomedical Research Center, Leanne Redman, said, 

“The idea for the study was really simple.” 

She further said, 

“As we have all become confined to our homes and neighborhoods under stay-at-home orders, our emails and social media accounts have been flooded with suggestions on how to maintain our normal habits or engage in new behaviors. We need to understand these societal shifts as quickly as possible and couldn’t find another institution doing this work. The research plays into our data-mining strengths, and we stepped into the gap.”

The study would reach people all around the globe. 

She said, 

“We have used our social media accounts – FaceBook, Twitter, Instagram, and the NextDoor app – to share the survey link with family, friends, and colleagues. In the first week, the survey drew more than 3,000 responses. We hope it will reach thousands more.”

To take the survey, check out this link

Major Changes Seen in the Lockdown Period

People are adjusting a lot to survive this change. However, it is also affecting finances in several ways. For instance, it is saving grooming costs; on the other hand, people are spending more on internet data packs. 

1. Health Costs

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It is advised to everyone to wear masks whenever they leave home. Furthermore, it is recommended to wash hands with sanitizer after every 15-20 minutes. These measures are needed to maintain our health. 

And sanitizers don’t come cheap, so it is affecting finances. People are not spending a lot on medication, but still, it is affecting ordinary people who are daily wage workers. 

2. Businesses are Shut

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COVID-19 lockdown has put restrictions on many daily activities like eating preferences and outings. Everyone has become responsible and is maintaining hygienic habits. 

Businesses are fully shut or have limited their services. People are staying home, and only some people are visiting the shops, that too in case of an emergency. However, medical services like hospitals and clinics are open to provide emergency services. 

Businesses are shut, and this has strongly affected people’s mental health. Also, they have no choice instead of hoping for the best in the future. 

3. The Way You are Connecting with Friends

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Since the coronavirus outbreak, people are advised to stay in quarantine. Under complete lockdown, it has become difficult to connect with friends. People are doing video calls and are finding the only medium to stay connected with friends in this phase. 

4. Internet Costs

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As people are locked at their home, they are finding ways to entertain themselves and to spend more time with family. Some are watching Netflix, streaming movies, playing games online, and browsing the web. By doing this, they are spending hours on the internet, and are paying high internet charges. 

5. Going Out for Emergency Food

Source = Wideopenspaces

Shopping was fun before the coronavirus pandemic. But in the phase of lockdown, people are going out only for essentials. This activity has set several protocols and has advised people to wear masks and hand gloves when they are going out. 

6. The Way People are Greeting Everyone

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In this lockdown, the way how people greet their friends and family has changed a lot. Most of the people prefer shaking hands or hugging. But since COVID-19 has occurred, these actions are ignored. 

It is reported that the virus could spread through the air while sneezing or coughing, and anything could become a medium. The WHO suggested not to come closer to people and shake hands to follow social distancing, and say Namaste. 

Final Words

This pandemic has altered the lifestyle of everyone. Some are working online; others are spending time watching TV for hours and reading books. You could also check out these COVID-19 memes that are a stress-buster in these critical times. 

To stop this deadly virus spread, people have adjusted their lifestyles. Though many people are finding staying at home a difficult job, everyone should understand that the government has taken these actions for their safety. 

How has your lifestyle changed in this lockdown period? Share your views. 


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