10 Cheap Places to Travel That Wouldn’t Burn a Hole in Your Pocket

Are you looking for destinations that are budget-friendly and offer unlimited fun? If so, then here are the cheapest places to travel that you can plan anytime without even thinking about the budget.

4 years ago
10 Cheap Places to Travel That Wouldn’t Burn a Hole in Your Pocket

Is there anyone who doesn’t love traveling? I guess, NO. Exploring different countries, knowing about their cultures, and meeting new people is always fun. For some people, traveling is not a hobby, but it is a way to live a life. People who love traveling take a break from their busy schedule and plan to explore new places at least twice a year. They either look for spring break destinations or plan a visit when tickets are low-cost.

It is a myth that traveling is expensive. Several countries in the world have places that could be visited without planning a budget. No matter what continent you are planning to travel, some places could make you happy without breaking the bank.

So, here are some cheap places to travel where you can find luxurious hotels, best cuisines, and adventurous sites under your budget. Go solo or plan a trip with family and visit these destinations that are budget-friendly and have everything that luxurious destinations offer.

1. Chiang Mai, Thailand

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Doi Suthep is one of the most attractive tourist destinations in Thailand. It is 12kms from Chiang Mai and is Thailand’s most sacred temple.

It is located on the top of the mountain. The mountain offers a breathtaking view of Chiang Mai, Ping Valley, and the airport. The temple has pagodas, viharas, and statues that tell deeper about the religion Buddhism.

It also has a small museum that features old photographs, ancient relics, that can’t be missed visiting. The walls of the terrace are decorated with incredibly beautiful mural paintings that describe the life of Buddha.

The view and peaceful atmosphere of the temple are worth a visit. It would cost 10-15 baht as an entrance fee to Doi Senthup, cable cab fee is around 40 baht, but you can walk 300 stairs and save money.

Doi Inthanon is a National Park in Chiang Mai that covers around 50,000 hectares. It is home to several bird species that you won’t see anywhere else in the world.

Thailand is one of the dreamiest destinations for a wedding. So, if you are getting married anytime soon, choose this place for your wedding.

Bangkok in Thailand is considered to be one of the hottest cities on the planet. Hence, you should not plan to visit Bangkok during summers.

2. Nepal

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Nepal is one of the cheapest destinations to visit. It offers a serene atmosphere and adventurous sites for those who want to take a break from their busy schedule. You can save a lot of money here if you choose to travel and eat using local options. You can also get several cuisines in small cafes.

Staying in a local guesthouse could cost you $7-$8 per night, and it would cost up to $10 for meals. Some hostels in Nepal also provide breakfast that you could ask from the locals. For transportation, you can share a car or take a local bus to travel within cities. This beautiful destination could make you fall in love with it in several ways. Lord Shiva Statue is one of the renowned statues in the world.

Lake Phewa is an amazing leisure destination and offers several adventurous activities. You can enjoy the white water rafting and several treks near the site. Kathmandu is another destination in Nepal that is famous for Nepali cuisine. Nagarkot is a beautiful destination to watch the sunset and sunrise.

3. Kyrgyzstan

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Kyrgyzstan is the best destination to travel under budget. It attracts hikers and nature lovers from around the world. For accommodation, you can stay in hostels and rural places within $8-$10. SIM Card can be bought at $3 with 3GB data. Issyk Kul Lake is the second largest saline lake in the world that can’t be missed visiting.

You can see snow-capped mountains in the background and relax on the lakeside. The place offers numerous adventurous activities like parasailing, motorboat rides, and more.

Kashka-Suu is the best ski-resorts in Kyrgyzstan. The resort includes a conference hall, playground, open cafe, and winter skating rink.

Ala-Too Square is the center point of Kyrgyzstan. It was built in 1984 to celebrate the anniversary of Kyrgyz SSR. It is a beautiful place to take pictures and to spend time with family. The place also organizes a musical fountain show in the evening that is something that can't be missed.

4. Georgia

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You won’t believe but Georgia or Peach State, famous for its choral folk music, could be the cheapest destination to visit. It might be an underrated destination but is extremely beautiful and affordable.

Places for accommodation like hostels or guest house, delicious meal, and local mini-bus ride could be done within $4-$5. Several museums and historical sites can be visited free. Some might could have minimal charges. Bus and train rides could cost you $4 for a day, and you could save if you hitchhike.

Stone Mountain Park, spread across 3200 acres, organizes the laser-light show in summer. The park is open year-round and features several cultural events and fantastic shows every month. It hosts 2-day festivals that feature yard games, art & craft vendors, and more.

Yellow daisy festival is the most attracting festival of Stone Mountain Park. Hundreds of artists and display their works for purchase. So, if you find artistic pieces worth purchasing, then do not miss this event.

5. Greece

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Greece is the most vibrant country of all. Santorini in Greece features whitewashed houses. Almost every house in Santorini is painted in white because whitewash is durable and is also cheap.

Many towns in Greece have beautiful Neoclassical buildings and colorful streets. Not only Greece, but these colorful places would also make you fall in love with them.

Koufonisia Island, in Greece, is the most beautiful island you would ever see. It has glittering sand, amazing views, and unspoiled natural beauty. While visiting Greece, you can save a lot if you know how to cook. Eating in restaurants in Greece could burn a hole in your pocket.

For traveling long distances, check the bus and train fare. Sometimes, you can get flight tickets cheaper than the bus ticket. Alternatively, you can share a rental car and save for your next fare ticket. Hiring a scooter on rent could cost you up to $30 per day, and the rental car could cost you $11 for a day.

Don’t forget that timing is important when you are planning to visit Greece under a fixed budget. Do not plan to visit Greece in summer, i.e., during July and August. The summer is crowded here, and also the hotels are not affordable. If you are not a frequent traveler, then take the help of this guide to plan vacations.

6. Sri Lanka

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Sri Lanka is one of the cheapest places to travel in the list. It offers several options for one and all. Sri Lanka is known for its amazing beaches, lush green tea gardens, and delicious cuisines. If you plan to visit Sri Lanka within a fixed budget, then don’t worry, the country has a lot of things to offer for free. 

Dambulla Cave Temple is the highlight of Sri Lanka. The temple has over 100 statues of Buddha and rich Buddhist paintings. The entry to the temple is free. Adam’s Peak is another not to be missed place in Sri Lanka. You don’t have to pay anything to reach the top. The only thing that could cost you is taking 5500 steps to reach the peak.

Several hotels in Sri Lanka offers breakfast and one night stay at a low price. Ranga’s Beach Hut, Arugam Bay is one of the most affordable places to stay here. Also, the cabana here are made from natural products, so it is eco-friendly.

If you are a shopaholic, shop from the streets rather than shopping malls. You can eat on the streets as the food is good. Stay in hostels or places that are near beaches, as they are comparatively cheaper than hotels. Apart from Sri Lanka, these beautiful spots are also the favorite of backpackers.

7. Singapore

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Is it possible to travel to Singapore in a fixed budget? Yes, that is possible. Singapore has several places to visit for free. The best places to enjoy the vacation in Singapore are the Underground Malls, Merlion Park, Botanic Gardens, Sri Mariamman Temple, and more. Mariamman temple is the oldest Hindu temple that was built in 1827.

It consists of a six-tier grand tower adorned with mythological beasts. Botanic Garden is Singapore’s first UNESCO World Heritage Site. It covers 74 hectares and has over 10,000 types of plants species.

Singapore is also known for its great food. You might find eating in restaurants expensive, but street food here is delicious and worth tasting. This would make you remember Little India in Singapore.

Don’t forget to stop at the hawker center, where groceries and clothing are available at low prices. Mustafa Centre is the best place for shopaholics. It offers a range of products like footwear, books, clothing, and more.

8. Turkey

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Turkey could be the cheapest or expensive, depending on your choice. While a hot air balloon ride could cost you up to $200, a beautiful guest house could be chosen for a stay under $20.

If you have a low budget, then visit mosques and try to look for the places where you can travel free. Choose an overnight journey because traveling overnight could save your bucks.

The good news is, if you are a food lover, then don’t forget to taste Turkish cuisine. The food here is cheap and could be found everywhere on the streets. Some hostels also offer complimentary breakfast. You can purchase a SIM card with 2GB data and 30 days validity for $8. Catalhoyuk in Turkey is one of the best historical cities that could be visited anytime.

9. Lithuania

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Lithuania is the most underrated country in the world. However, it is the cheapest country to travel in. The nightlife here is vibrant, and alcohol is affordable. Staying in hostels could cost you up to $12 per night. Traveling on a bus is cheaper than traveling on trains.

Vilnius old town is known as the premium medieval towns in Europe. Some of the amazing spots here are two Jewish quarters and the Presidential Palace. A lake resort, Trakai, is an amazing place for sightseeing.

The area has around 200-250 lakes that could be visited during the  warmer months. Siauliai Hills of Crosses is the pilgrimage spot for the followers.

10. Latvia

Source = Nationalgeographic

Latvia is the perfect place for canoeing lovers. Plan a visit to Latvia during winters when colors are changed in the rivers. You can spend your entire day wandering around castles and forests. Staying in Latvia is not costly. Accommodation could cost you up to $12 per night, and transportation in Latvia could cost you around $10-$20 for a day.

Architecture from Gothic cathedrals to cafes and delicious cuisines are worth experiencing in Latvia. Gauja National Park is best for adventure junkies. The place offers bungee jumping and other activities.

Slītere National Park is known to be the greatest jewel of the Kurzeme region. The site has beautiful hills, rolling sand-dunes, and yellow sands that are washed away by the whitecaps of the Baltic Sea. It also has amazing picturesque views where you can capture romantic photos.

Final Words

So, if you want to save money in 2020 and still want to travel around the world, then these cheapest destinations are for you. If you are booking the tickets right now, then try these travel hacks that would save your money for the next trip. You can thank us later!

Have you ever been to these places? How was your experience - Yay or Nay? Don’t forget to share it with us.


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