16 Active Dogs For Lazy People

Want to own a dog? A Pomeranian to accompany you for a movie or Siberian husky for to join in hiking, here is the list of active dogs for lazy people.

6 years ago
16 Active Dogs For Lazy People

Are you an adventure seeker looking for the perfect hiking partner? Or you are the lazy person like me who wants to own a dog but not crazy enough who can strictly follow they’re walking, eating schedule? If you are the latter one, the last post is strictly dedicated to the lazy dogs for lazy people.

And now if you are looking for the most active dog breeds to turn your laziness into efficiency, then here is the list of the most active dogs, which love, accompanying as your running partner.

Active dogs as an ideal companion for hiking and running

1) Bernese Mountain Dog

Source = Dogtime

This dog breed is strong, cheerful and agile who loves farm living. Bernese Mountain dogs are easy to train and become inactive indoors, these dogs look fair in a large fenced in yard. They are sensitive to heat and love to stay in cold temperatures.

Source = Vanishingtattoo

2) Dalmatian

Source = Pets4homes

Often known for its speed, intelligence, and endurance, Dalmatians are lean dogs that are employed to run ahead of horse- drawn carriages. Dalmatians keep you safe on your run. This is a muscular and defined breed with much stamina and remains active as long as they have daily exercise.

3) Russell Terrier

Source = Dogtime

Russell Terrier has limitless energy and can run and stay active to the extended periods of time. They have an inexhaustible supply of energy and loves running. So if you are looking for the long distance companion you can buy Russell Terrier.

4) Shetland Sheepdog

Source = Hundefotografie-workshops

Shetland Sheepdogs are trainable, playful and loves to run in open spaces. Shetland is the most active dog breed that is quite intelligent and enjoys herding animals. Whenever you need a partner for herding takes Shetland sheepdog with you plus they enjoy a good run in a definite area. (1.1)

Source = Akc

5) Siberian Husky

Source = Blogspot

Siberian Husky can join you in mountain hiking. This active breed is capable of pulling a sled for long distances. If you live in cold weather and want a perfect partner on trail runs and camping trips, Siberian Husky is a tough breed plus it will keep you safe too.

Source = Brightspotcdn

6) Labrador Retriever

Source = Ytimg

Labrador is one of the most active dog breeds in the United States. Apart from a good swimmer Labrador are affectionate, patient and an awesome family pet. They are an excellent athlete and loves to run around.

7) Border Collie

Source = Dogtime

Especially for livestock herding, Border Collie is extremely energetic and athletic. 

This is an active dog breed who loves having a job to do. Border makes a great running partner.

8) German Shepherd Dog

Source = Petsworld

This breed of dog is actually born to work. German Shepherds are quite fun loving and are the second most popular breed in the USA. They can run and even carry their own backpack.

9) Weimaraner

Source = Deanimalia

This type of breed is an ideal partner for jogging and is also a good pointing dog for hunters. They need minimal brushing and are extremely active. They are actively used for hunting smaller games like fowl and foxes.

10) Vizsla

Source = Dogbreedplus

Vizslas are excellent swimmers and hikers. The medium sized short hair of Vizslas does not provide much warmth; therefore, if you take this breed at high elevation points remember to take soft blanket and towel along with you to keep them warm.

11) Greyhounds

Source = Brightspotcdn

It’s probably no surprise that with the speed around 45 mph, Greyhounds make up the fastest dog breed in the world. Though Greyhound is so active, energetic and loves to run, they are usually quiet, gentle and calm and can make the best pet for an active family. They are really affectionate with the family and incredibly friendly with kids so, you can plan to adopt this dog as your pet.

12) Saluki

Source = Wikimedia

The Saluki or we can also call it Persian Greyhound is a dog once got the position of fastest dog in world according to the Guinness Book of Record. It has the capability of reaching a speed of  68.8 kilometers per hour, which is like so intense. It does enjoy the rough and intense games but at the same time these dogs are really affectionate with family and friendly with other dogs.

13) Afghan Hound

Source = Ytimg

The Afghan hound actually belongs to cold mountains of Afghanistan, it is one of the oldest dog breeds in the world. When it comes to speed we just can’t ignore the Afghan hound. Though they have an elegant appearance, they were used to hunt in the deserts and mountains. The breed is selectively bred for its unique features and can make a good pet for sure.

14) Borzoi

Source = Wikimedia

The borzoi, also called the Russian wolfhound, is a breed of domestic dog. With the running speed of 36 mph, they are also one of the fastest dogs in the world. Along with the physical and active attributes the Russian wolfhound canines make great family dogs. They are independent and can get easily adjust to new surroundings.

15) Scottish Deerhound

Source = Petguide

Scottish Deerhound canines are the sweetest and intelligent one. Though, this sweet canines might look like fury but, don’t go with their look as these are quite strong and tough and one of the fastest dog in the world.  If you're looking for a dog companion on the hunt, look no further than this gentle and affectionate breed.

16) Pharaoh Hound

Source = Petguide

Pharaoh Hound canines actually belong to Malta and with 35 mph running speed they are considered as one of the fastest dogs in the world. They are good at hunting and chasing games and also they are great jumpers. Along with these attributes, these canines can make a good pet.

So, these are the top 10 fastest pups in the world, they are not only incredibly fast but can make great house pets.


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