16 Best Halloween Costumes for Dogs That Must Be Added to Their Closet

Because puppies like to dress up, choose a beautiful Halloween dress for your pooch and capture its cute pictures.

3 years ago
16 Best Halloween Costumes for Dogs That Must Be Added to Their Closet

Who doesn’t love getting ready for parties, especially when Halloween is coming? This is the only time when grown-ups can pull pranks and be silly to everyone. 

Whether you are wearing a t-shirt with a quote or adorning a last-minute costume, everything looks cute at a Halloween party. People who own pets know why dogs are the best companion and the most adorable creature ever to exist. 

For this Halloween, let's check out a few amazing Halloween costumes for dogs that you could buy to make your four-legged pet look cute & adorable. 

1. Dog deadly doll costume

Source = Halloweencostumes

This Halloween dress includes a wig, foam knife, and costume. It is 100% polyester and has a hook and loop fastener that attaches to the paw. 

This half coat and hood is a comfy fit for your dog and has the decorations of a toy doll. The piece can be purchased in different sizes and colors. 

2. UPS Delivery Man Dog Costume

Source = Hearstapps

This brown dog costume is 100% polyester fabric and polyurethane foam. It has sleeves for the dog's front legs and neck with velcro. It also has stuffed arms in front of shirts and velcro dots to hold the box.  

3. Frozen Sven dog costume

Source = Etsystatic

To all the Frozen fans, this frozen Sven dog costume is worth buying. Don't forget to click a pic when your pooch wears this. 

4. Beetlejuice Dog Costume

Source = Pinimg

This is another cute Halloween costume that you should give a try for your pooch. The costume includes a mini striped jacket, a crazy gray wig, and an attached dickie. Available in different sizes and colors, this striped Halloween costume would look cute on your pet. 

5. Lion Dog Costume

Source = Petcostumecenter

Make your dog feel extra regal at this event by giving him a shaggy look. It is the best fitting lion dress for dogs and turns your little furry friend into the King of the jungle. The dress is easy to clean and is made from high-quality polyester fiber. 

Also, the dress is perfectly fit for large and medium-sized dogs. You can also try this dress out on Christmas and other holiday seasons.

6. Guitar Player Costume Dog

Source = Hearstapps

What could be happier than seeing your dog playing guitar? This Halloween costume can be worn at Christmas, weddings, birthday parties, and other occasions. The dress is made from cotton and fits easily on every pet. 

7. Teddy Bear Suit

Source = Hearstapps

Does your pooch look like a teddy bear? If yes, then dress him in this teddy bear suit and make him a cute little pooch resembling a teddy bear. This costume looks cute for a photoshoot or play date and fits easily for short to medium-sized dogs. 

8. Giraffe Dog Costume

Source = Chewy

A pooch dressed in a Giraffe is the best thing that you would capture on Halloween day. This adorable dress also includes a little tail that looks cute and chubby. Giraffe Dog costume is a great addition for photoshoots, play dates, and parades. 

9. Flying Monkey Pet Costume

Source = Halloweencostumes

It features hooded tunics and loop fasteners to attach to the front. The wings are attached to the tunic and have a large face hole so that the dog can enjoy the view. If you want your dog to look cute and not scary, then you should get this costume for him.

10. King Dog Costume

Source = Hearstapps

It features a red and gold pet robe and crown headpiece. Pair this dress with a royalty costume and style your dog for any event. Remember that this dress is hand washed only. 

11. Action hero costume for dog

Source = Halloweencostumes

The dress contains a wig, headband, foam gun, and body with attached arms.  If you want to team up with an action-adventure hero, then this Halloween costume is perfect for your dog. It is a stuffed suit that fits perfectly around the puppy's neck and legs. 

12. Unicorn Dog Costume

Source = Hearstapps

The dress is made from polyester and comes in multicolor. This dress would make your pooch look into the best version of themselves. Also, it is a perfect fit for pet lovers and could be given on any occasion. 

13. Firefighter Dog Costume

Source = Hearstapps

The dress features a red jacket, a firefighter hat, and a backpack. You must get your furry friend this cool costume anytime. 

It is a great accessory for every breed. Dogs with floppy ears would look great in this costume. 

14. Scarecrow Pet Costume

Source = Halloweencostumes

It is a jumpsuit with a hat and looks adorable on every breed. Dogs, when wearing this hat, jump, play, or do tricks, look cute & adorable. Make your dog the cutest dog in the town by owning this costume. 

15.Skeletal Pirate Dog Costume

Source = Costumeyeti

Prepare your dog for the adventurous ride with this cute pirate costume. It is a lightweight, comfy, and cute-looking Halloween costume that distinguishes your dog from its friends. Surely, your dog would be the cutest owner of the pirates in the sea. 

16. Mermaid Dog Costume

Source = Pinimg

Perfect for Halloween parties and other events, this mermaid dog costume features a fish scale tail and a beautiful seashell. You can also buy a similar dress and click twinning pictures with your pet to make the event more memorable. 

Final Words

Halloween is a whole season and not only a day. Coming up with new costumes is as fun as actually wearing them. So, how are you dressing your dog for this event? 

If you do not own a dog and want a pet addition to your family, then here is the list of low-maintenance dog breeds that you can own. 

How do you celebrate Halloween? Do you know other Halloween costumes for dogs that would make them look more adorable and furry? Share your views below.


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