10 Criminal Pets Who Are Responsible For Their Owner's Death

Some unfortunate accidents happened with families where people lost their loved ones paying price higher than the one they paid during pet's purchase.

6 years ago
10 Criminal Pets Who Are Responsible For Their Owner's Death

No doubt pet brings happiness in one's life, they are loyal to owners and have proved to be one of the most trusted friend. But we must be aware of their strange behaviors which could be dangerous for the family as well as ourself. Some incidents and attacks prove that even pets have  criminal nature leading and carrying unusual activities. They are even responsible for their owner's death.

Here is a list of pet animals who killed their owners :

1) Bull

Source = Mckenziecattle

Riki loves to spend time with his cattle. But his pet turned out to be a vicious killer for himself and his family. It was after his 53th birthday when the bull attacked him. He died scumbling with injuries. This incident happened in the barn space where he used to domesticate bulls in Philadelphia when a calf was about to born.

2) Cats

Source = Pixabay

When dogs can attack his owner then why cannot cat can do the same? Janet Veal has a cat as his domestic animal. It was when neighbors did not see Janet Veal for a long time, they informed the authorities about it. Police arrived at her house in search of Janet Veal, found the cat dining on her corpse.

3) Ferret

Source = Ytimg

We are often lured by the attractive and soft looks of the ferret. But we almost pay no attention to a sharp pair of Piranha teeth and the cravings for flesh. We get fascinated by their quick and agile moves. Missouri family awakes listening, their baby crying. They thought that the baby might be crying because of hunger or there might be a need to change diaper.

When they entered the room they found the bloodied baby. Their babies seven little fingers were eaten by their own pet ferret. They immediately rush to the hospital and later on killed their pet ferret.

4) Hamster

Source = Squeaksandnibbles

Another strange incident happened where a woman was found dead in her apartment and was scavenged upon by her pet hamster. She had some unusual marks and wounds on her body. Later on, after investigation, it was found that hamsters new burrow was built by the skin, muscle tissues of a human which proved that her pet was responsible for her death.

5) Camel

Source = Sputniknews

On the 60th Birthday, Pam was felicitated by her husband with a camel. The animal was only 10 months old weighing 150 kgs. But the camel’s erratic behavior knocked the woman down on the ground trying to s*x with her. He lay on the top of the woman until she ran out of oxygen and died due to unbearable pressure.

6) Wolf Dogs

Source = Webs

Sandra had raised 9 wolves by her own. She was devoted to them and used to claim that she gets unqualified love from them. It was when she failed to show up for a meeting with her husband. He went in search for her, he found her in the cage where she was beaten by half dogs and half wolves to death.

7) Hippopotamus

Source = Wildlifevagabond

Keeping Hippopotamus as a pet is a very bad idea. Hippo is known in the world for taking away maximum deaths in Africa. The South African farmer kept hippo as his own son in a free state for years in the farm in spite of being warned about hippopotamus many times. One day, his body was found floating in the river which was chewed by his own pet hippo.

8) Bull Terrier

Source = Europuppy

When an unnamed resident was not seen for many days. It became a cause for worry, police when entered the house found a dead body. His bull terrier was in a highly agitated state. Earlier policemen thought that the dog might be upset at his owner’s death but later on, it was proved in the investigation that the dog took away his owner’s life.

9) Black Bear

Source = Latimes

Kelly had three unusual pets which include Bengal tiger, an African lion, and black bear. One fine day when she went into the cage to give food to bear as soon as she turned her back she was attacked and fatally wounded by a bear. Her neighbour witnessed the incident, called for the help immediately but it was too late as she died on the spot itself.

10) Spider

Source = Aboutpetlife

A 30-year-old German body was found dead in his own house when the exotic pet species came out of their cage. The body of the dead men was found wrapped in the spider's web and other pet animals such as termites, snakes, and gecko were found feasting on the corpse.

Keeping pets is not safe, as we do not know when they may become aggressive and attack the people in the house. Thus people need to be very cautious before bringing pets home.


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