10 Most Dog-Friendly Cities In America You Were Not Aware Of

Most pet owners want nothing but the best for their companion, which may include the best food and best locations in the city.

6 years ago
10 Most Dog-Friendly Cities In America You Were Not Aware Of

Can you measure the love between you and your best friend? No, I am not talking about your schoolmate, I am talking about the one that licks your face and makes you happy when you are sad. Yes, you guessed it right! You love your pets and you do take care of them just like your child. You won’t disagree that there is an unconditional love between you and your dog.

According to the survey, there are more than 85 million dogs and 90 million cats as the pet in America. Even though there is a lot of the number of dogs as pets in America, still there are some cities which make it hard for pet owners to move to the location.

Well, you will happy after knowing that there are many cities who want to see your pup blessed as much as you. Here is the list of the cities in America that loves inviting Dog to their location.

1. Sacramento, CA

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Sacramento definitely loves your dog. The city has everything to offer to you and your pet. Sacramento offers dog-friendly carriage ride, a number of dog parks and plenty of dog-friendly restaurants. Don’t forget to check in to The Shack - a cool place to hang out with your friends, and a spot that offers the dog friendly patio.

2. Las Vegas, NV

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Las Vegas offers many options for your dog. You definitely won’t be sad with a number of activities in Las Vegas for your pet. Take your dog at a Lazy Dog restaurant and bar as the name implies they are quite dog-friendly. Wanna go out to the casino; you will not search more for the places as Las Vegas ranks under top 5 in the number of dog parks.

3. San Diego, CA

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San Diego is considered as the most dog-friendly city as it offers more than 500 dog restaurants where you and your dog can have fun. Moreover, the city highlights different dog-friendly shopping areas where you can buy some latest trends item for your pet. San Diego also hosts Doggies Street festival every year.

4. Seattle, WA

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If your dog doesn’t like rain of the city then indoor dog park will make your dog happier than ever. If you won’t mind to getting your dog wet, Seattle is the best place to relocate to as there are more dogs than children. While many cities restrict the entry of pet in the restaurants, Seattle has many restaurants that allow the pet to eat inside.

5. Albuquerque, NM

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Albuquerque has plenty of dog-friendly areas and restaurants. With so many dog parks and trails, you will never be disappointed staying in the city. What’s more interesting is the hair salon and trolley rides that invite and welcomes your dog too. The city has nearly 32,000 acres of public parks, and more to that, it has the quarter of acres for each bird, cat, and dog in the city. (1.1)

6. San Francisco, CA

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There’s no one to look out your pooch when it’s time to go for a gym? Don’t worry! San Francisco has a number of gyms that allows your pooch to watch over you while working out. What makes you happier is the city offers numerous dining options for you and your pet. San Francisco has more than 175 dog-friendly restaurants, just decide on your cuisine and watch your dog enjoying along with you. (1.2)

7. Austin, TX

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If you love your dog to be clicked, then Austin is the right place to relocate. The city is home to pet photographers; moreover, Bow-Wow Bones is a local food truck that offers plenty of treats for dogs out for a walk. If your dog is in the mood for chilling stop by Red Bus Isle - a famous swimming spot for dogs only. If you are the shopaholic, Austin, TX has more than 100 shops that allow your dogs to choose the outfit for you.

8. Portland, Oregon

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The city involves a great social network for dog lovers. Portland is amongst very few cities that allow you to have your dog in a Pub. Have a beer, hang out with your friends and shop around the Saturday market. Portland also adds plenty of meetups for like-minded fans of particular breeds to celebrate together.

9. Chicago, IL

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Down to the local restaurants, Chicago hosts dog day and every year for dogs to accompany their owners for the excellent American pastime. Right from cruise to beaches, the city offers, everything to be entertained. With more than 500 dog-friendly restaurants, Chicago is a great place for pets to let them play in the Lake Michigan.

10. Colorado Springs, CO

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Colorado Springs is another most dog-friendly city in America. From bear Creek Dog Park to beautiful waterfalls, dog-friendly restaurants to dog parks, Colorado is absolutely incredible and should be on your bucket list.


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