10 Most Insane Bug Bites You Need To Know

While some common flies ate just annoying, there are some bugs whose bites are infectious and may cause death. Read more about some insane bug bites.

6 years ago
10 Most Insane Bug Bites You Need To Know

Big Bites can never be fun, the itching lumps and the swollen points are the price that you give for spending an adventurous night or when digging into the vegetable garden.

Mosquito bites are quite familiar and even we didn’t get frightened by it, but what all those bites which show blown-up skins and red spots? Here are some bug bites which you may experience anytime soon. So before you get involved in this spooky situation, know some of the common and insane bug bites.

1. Bed Bug Bites

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Bed Bug Bite is common but you should not ignore at any cost. These kinds of bites are itchy and keep you awake at night and eventually, you missed out your valuable sleep.

The bites are small and resemble with mosquito bites. You might have noticed the bed bug bites on stomach, legs or even on the back. Well, if you ever experience the bed bug bite don’t panic, this can be treated with anti-itch remedies or by medication.

2. Bee and Wasp Stings

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Another insane bug bite comes on the list is Bee and Wasp Stings. It is not a big deal when got bitten by these bugs. In most cases, you are entertained with red welt that might have a white dot in the center. The stings get scary only if you are allergic to bees. And that allergy can be converted into the swelling; can cause you problem in breathing, vomiting, nausea or vertigo.

3. Scabies

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Scabies is really not easy to bear. It is a kind of parasite infection caused by microscopic mites. You never know when the female burrows into your skin to lay her eggs. It is another insane bug bite which is very severe and causes a pimply rash on the body. It is very important to treat the bite soon with a lotion or with the cream that kills their eggs. Well, you can say that this one is the worst bite you may ever have.

4. Tick Bite

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Ticks are quite infamous for causing bull’s eyes rashes and may signal Lyme disease. Besides this, ticks also carry another major disease like Rocky Mountain spotted fever. This disease produces rashes on the arms, wrinkles, and hairs. If you ever find that you are infected by a tick bite and have developed fever or rashes, visit a doctor soon.

5.  Black Widow Spider Bites

Black Widow Spiders are usually noticed in tree stumps. Long legged, these black spiders cause unbearable pain in the bite area. Vomiting, instant rise in blood pressure and nausea can be seen after the bite. In some conditions, it may result in chest pain. Out of 25000 types of spiders, black widow spider is considered as the most dangerous spider. (1.1)

6. Flea Bites

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The wingless, agile insect is another in the list which leaves your body scratching and cause infection. These creepy insects not only consume on pets instead they love dining on people too. The flea bites can be itchy and sometimes painful; it can also carry harmful diseases like excessive redness or plague, cat scratch fever, nausea, and others.

7. Fire Ant Stings

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Fire ant resembles just like normal ants and is commonly noticed in Southern states. During the bite, these ants sudden attacks on the skin and then stings from its abdomen. It typically causes burn and itching. Medication like painkillers, cold packs, and antihistamines relieves the discomfort. Take a doctor visit if needed.

8. Chigger Bites

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Chiggers are not insects but they are arachnids. They commonly dine on humans; their bites are extremely painless but itchy. You may even notice swelling or red spots on the skin. Make sure to consult a doctor if you see welts appear to be spreading.

9. Puss Caterpillar Stings

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It is the spookiest and the poisonous caterpillar found in the Southern area of the US. They feed on oak and elm trees. The poison of this species is hidden in spines of their hairs. After their bite, you may feel intense pain, muscle cramps, vomiting or fever.

10. Scorpions Bite

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Well, if we are heading in the list of insane bug bites, how can we forget Scorpions. Symptoms of its sting include itching, increased sweating, vomiting or sometimes vision problems. Consult a doctor in case of emergency.


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