10 Wild Animals You can Own as Pets

Owning a pet like a dog and a cat is so rare! So how about owning the wild animals like python and a white lion? Here’s the list of some rare and unique wild animals which can truly make a great pet.

6 years ago
10 Wild Animals You can Own as Pets

Do you also own a pet? A lot of people feel happy owning domesticated animals like cats, mouse or dogs. While these cute little species are cool to own, there are some people who prefer to own wild animals or species which are unique and eye-catching.

More specifically, there are some pet lovers who strive to hold some exotic animals. The wild animals can really bring something unique and amazing to the table for those souls. You would be amazed to know that these wild animals mentioned below are actually kept as pets.

1. Bearded Dragon Lizard

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Yes, this dragon lizard which looks like something out of the box is the gentlest animals on the Earth.

They love to be cared and enjoy the misty showers. You can often watch this lizard kept in glass aquariums, just like we humans this lizard also sleep at night and remains awake during the daytime.

This dragon lizard can easily be handled well and even children found them cute. It has the reputation of being calm and friendly. (1.1)

2. Sugar Glider

Source = Sugargliderinfo

These cute little pets are very popular in the Northeastern part of Australia. The sugar gliders are social and nocturnal in behavior, i.e. they need attention during the night. So, if you are planning to buy a sugar glider then buy it two, so that you can sleep peacefully in the night.

3. Squirrel Monkey

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It would be fun owning this another exotic wild animal Squirrel Monkey, as it finds great accompanying people. This kind of wild animal is omnivorous i.e. they eat both plants and meat. They are quite intelligent and have the largest brains of all primates.

4. Ball Python

Source = Amazonaws

Do you love snakes? If you love then owning a ball python would do all, as it love playing in the field, enjoys eating dead rodents like rats. This exotic wild animal is comprised of vibrant colors and comes in variations that sound appealing. Place them in a 30-gallon tank and put food in their favorite food around. (1.2)

5. White Lion

Source = Whitelions

Despite considering them as a wild the white lions are relatively loyal. It is one of the most expensive animals to purchase can be dangerous to own. As it is advised not to place them around pets like dogs and cats, as they can see them as their prey.

6. Mona Monkey

Source = Monkeyland

When it comes to monkeys, you can always find them hopping from one tree to other. The Mona Monkey measures about 15 pounds and simply loves to climb on things.

If you are planning to own this monkey, build a private space particularly designed for climbing. You can easily manage its living as it only consumes fruits and insects.

7. Chimpanzee

Source = Ehowcdn

How about owning a wild animal whose DNA resembles with you? A chimpanzee looks incredibly smart and shows many similarities to the human being. They can be house trained and are intelligent enough to learn things very quickly.

Though owning a chimpanzee is illegal in some countries you can still own it by obtaining a license in states like Rhode Island, Pennsylvania, and Oklahoma.

8. Hyacinth Macaw

Source = Singing-wings-aviary

Hyacinth Macaw can grow up to 50 inches with 60 inch wingspan. Their beaks are so strong that it can even break apart cages. They don’t require a lot of maintenance and definitely needs training as they can hurt anyone with their strong beak. You can easily own this exotic bird but it is considered as endangered with only 5000 left in the wild. (1.3)

9. Chinchilla

Source = Wikimedia

Found in the Andes Mountains in South America, Chinchilla is known for its lush fur and no objectionable noises. They are fragile but can bite you if squeezed tightly. This cute little animal live up to 20 years and measure nearly 15 inches. Most of the chinchillas bond closely with owners very quickly. They remain active at night and need some exercise for daily playtime.

10. Kinkajou

Source = Miaminewtimes

The kinkajou is another affectionate animal that bonds well with humans. They love eating bananas, eggs, and even marshmallows. Very few people know that they have sharp teeth and that contains a bite fully loaded with bacteria.

Surprisingly, they only use that bite if feel afraid. The kinkajou is usually found in tropical forests of Central and South America.


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