20 Super-Chill Animals With Attitude That Don’t Need Anyone to Watch Them Over

These animals are living a life better than humans. Maybe they do not use the internet and have to pay bills for their phone.

4 years ago
20 Super-Chill Animals With Attitude That Don’t Need Anyone to Watch Them Over

Indeed! Animals are the cutest creatures on the planet. While we humans are struggling to survive in the chaos of daily life, animals, on the other hand, have one motto - eat, sleep, and repeat. When it comes to escaping from a busy schedule, humans take a break and go out for a vacation, watch a movie, or sometimes call a friend. 

But have you ever wondered what these animals do? They do not have any workload, project deadlines, and not even have to cook. Also, they do not use mobile phones and the internet. So what do they do? They live a life better than humans. You might be wondering how? When it comes to relaxing, you can’t beat the animal kingdom.

Celebrity pets live a luxurious life. But what about other animals? Sure, chimpanzees and dolphins are intelligent animals and are smarter than human beings. However, we have noticed animals showing their better side and chilling out a better way than humans. Don’t believe us? Here are a few examples of super-chilling animals that have figured their life for good. 

1. Yes, I Have a Personal Pillow.

Source = Wl-brightside

Look at his priceless face. 

2. Are You Talking About Me?

Source = Insider

Better, if you do not mess with me. 

3. We are Friends, Bro!

Source = Wl-brightside

Yes, we sleep and play together. 

4. We Had a Great Match! Now, it is Time for Some Sleep.

Source = Wl-brightside

Did you notice they made a heart? 

5. Don’t Tell this Secret to Anyone.

Source = Insider

Are they having a party tonight? 

6. How Do I Look?

Source = Thethingsimages

I don’t need your suggestion. I am happy for who I am. 

Australians are known for being easy-going people around the world. This could be seen in Australian wildlife too. 

This Kangaroo on a lazy afternoon is enjoying the sun-rays and waiting for a refreshing beverage. 

7. I am Tired Now.

Source = Wl-brightside

It seems this cat needs a looooong break.

8. What I Do is Sleep and Eat. Do You Have a Problem?

Source = Onekindplanet

Yes, I am jealous. 

9. When You Don’t Have a Mouse Pad at Home.

Source = Wl-brightside

Don’t you think it is a win-win game for the owner and the cat? 

10. You Forgot to Wish Me- Happy Birthday!

Source = Viralscape-sparklette

But you didn’t invite me. 

11. When Are We Going for a Walk?

Source = Viralscape-sparklette

I don’t care whether you are on a call or having a sandwich. I want to go for a walk. That’s it. 

12. When Your Pet Doesn’t Want You to Leave Him Alone

Source = Wl-brightside

Intelligent cat!

13. Even I Like Watching TV

Source = Viralscape-sparklette

But what are you watching? 

14. I am Waiting for My Friends to Join Me.

Source = Huffingtonpost

Where are you going? 

15. Let Me Sleep

Source = Petpalaceresort

Okay! I am not disturbing you. 

16. Be Carefree!

Source = Barkpost

I wish I could sleep like him without any stress. 

17. It is Sunny Outside

Source = 3milliondogs

I hope you won’t mind sharing your goggles with me! 

18. I am Camera-Shy

Source = World Animal Protection UK

No worries, you are looking cool. This chimpanzee doesn’t like facing camera, but these animals pose like a pro when it comes to selfies

19. I am My Boss

Source = Pinterest


20. I’m Going for a Walk

Source = Outline-prod


Final Words

When it comes to pets, you can train them about what is good or bad, but sometimes they tend to do their own thing. 

Do you know other animals that are super-chill and are cooler than human beings? Also, if you have super-chill pictures of your pet, then share them.


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