7 Interesting Facts About The Largest Breed of Rabbit - Flemish Giant Rabbit

Rabbits are love for those who are really fond of wildlife and loves to explore cute, fluffy and adorable animals. We have heard many tales about the tiny rabbit, now it's time to unfold something about the “Giant Flemish Rabbit”.

6 years ago
7 Interesting Facts About The Largest Breed of Rabbit - Flemish Giant Rabbit

Rabbits are such an adorable, cute, tiny and harmless creatures. If you’ve ever seen a rabbit playing, wandering, or grooming his own ears, you know this already. Well, Harmless, cute and adorable are true but not really sure about tiny because there is one breed of the rabbit which is quite giant.

They’re all domesticated and often very social and make great house pets. If you love to reading or watching snaps of cute mammals and if you are a wildlife lover then, you will love to discover the fascinating things about this largest breed of rabbit. Let’s get started:

1) Largest Rabbit Breed

Source = Macleans

Unlike normal rabbits, the Flemish Giant rabbit is larger in size. Small rabbit can be little as 8 inches in length follow by weight less than a pound, while on the other hand, the Flemish Giant Rabbit is the largest domestic rabbits.

Now that’s really interesting to know that the female rabbits are a little heavier than the male ones with a weight of 14 lbs (6.4 kg) for female, whereas the male Flemish Giant Rabbit will weigh 13 lbs (5.9 kg).

2) Flemish Giant Rabbit Found in Seven Colors

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The beauty of this fluffy mammals is just awe-inspiring and the moment becomes even brighter when you see them in seven beautiful colors. Yes, The National Federation of Flemish Giant Rabbit Breeders evaluates that Black, Blue, Fawn, Light Gray, Steel Gray, Sandy, and White are the colors that belong to Flemish Giant Rabbit.

3) Maturity

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When it comes to maturity the females flemish giant rabbit is fast as compared to the male. The female Flemish Giant Rabbit attain its full maturity after one year of its birth while on the other hand, the male giant rabbit attains it after 1.5 years of its birth.

4) Flemish Giant Rabbits Are Liberal in Behavior

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Along with cute looks the Flemish Giant Rabbits also possesses some great behavior characteristics, they quite calm and composed and liberal to handle. All you need to maintain a frequent communication with them.

But, like small rabbit breeds, this Flemish Giant Rabbit can be stubborn or violent and sometimes fearful if treated badly or incorrectly. Though the Flemish Giant Rabbits can make a good house pet but not really sure for the younger caregivers.

5) Male & Female Flemish Giant Rabbits Have Different Shape of Head

The Flemish Giant Rabbit has a huge and powerful body. Like the weight, the head shape of male and female Flemish Giant Rabbit is also different. In general, the male Flemish Giant Rabbits have a wider and a more massive or broader head than the females. It’s because the female rabbit has a large flap of skin under her chin.

6) Diet

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Like the tiny and adorable rabbits, this Flemish Giant Rabbit are also herbivores. This means that they have a plant-based natural diet and do not eat meat. Though their diet includes grasses, clover, broccoli, etc. But, they pretty enjoy wet food, carrots, hay or lettuce, dark leaf lettuce. They are kind of opportunistic feeders and also love to eat fruits, seeds, roots and tree bark.

7) Habitat

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This huge breed of rabbits was originated in Flanders, Belgium, in the 16th century and then they were exported to the United States in the early 1890s.  Due to their clam and good behavior they make good house pets and live happily with their owners. Usually, they are kept inside the house in an extremely large room or pen (due to their large size). while some create their own homes in the forest.

These huge and fluffy mammals Flemish giants are pretty known for their calm, docile personalities, which make them quite popular.


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