A Heartwarming Story Of The World’s Only Brown Panda

Not all panda bears are alike. Most people do not know but there are also pandas with brown fur. Researchers found these brown a...

7 years ago
A Heartwarming Story Of The World’s Only Brown Panda

Not all panda bears are alike. Most people do not know but there are also pandas with brown fur. Researchers found these brown and white fur pandas in 1960s in the Qinling Mountains but they were recognized as a subspecies of giant panda in 2005.

They were named as Qinling panda after their place of inhabitance, the east-west mountain range. Scientists think that brown fur may be the cause of environmental influence or recessive genes. 

Brown pandas are very rare. Only seven of them have been spotted in the last 25 years in the Qinling region. Qizai is the seventh brown panda and the only brown panda in existence today. Qizai means “the seventh son”. He was found weak and neglected in his previous residence in Qinling. But he is a happy and gentle animal today who loves to eat bamboo, after being shifted to his current residence at the Foping Panda Valley in the Shaanxi province, China.

Qizai’s mother abandoned him when he was two months old. She disappeared into the jungle but she was black and white. This makes the brown coats on his body more intriguing. Scientists have a strong opinion that this variation arose out of some genetic mutation. Even after a tough childhood, Qizai has turned into a fine specimen and experts are now planning to find a mate for him. After observing and studying the appearance of his child, they would be able to take a step closer to the mystery of brown fur.

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Meet Qizai, the only brown panda in the world

Source = He Xin

After being abandoned by his mother at 2 months old, he faced bullying from other black pandas white growing up.

His childhood was really tough

Source = He Xin

Being left alone, Qizai’s food was stolen by other black and white fur pandas and he was left weak and neglected.

But the sad days are over now. He is a celebrity today

Source = Xinhua / Rex

Qizai has a personal caretaker He Xin

Source = He Xin

The 26 year old He Xin has been taking care of Qizai since two years at the Foping Panda Valley. He spends 18 hours a day to look after the bear. He wakes up at 6 in the morning to feed him bamboo and sleeps at midnight only after making sure that Qizai sleeps well. 

He Xin describes Qizai as a gentle, funny and adorable animal. He further said

'He is slower than the other pandas, but he is also cuter.'
'All pandas here have names. When I call out their names, the other black-and-white pandas would react and come to me quickly, but for Qizai, it usually takes some time to him to realise that.'

Qizai acts a bit slower than other pandas and also eats his food slowly. He was bullied as a cub but after reaching adulthood, he was raised in an entirely differently enclosure. He is fed with 22 pounds of bamboo, milk and Chinese flour bund three to four times a day.

Qizai now weighs more than 100 kgs

Source = He Xin

The celebrity bear now weighs more than 220 pounds which is a normal size for the seven year old panda. He can eat around 20 kg (44 pounds) of bamboo every day.

The mystery of his brown fur remains unsolved since his mother was black and white

Source = He Xin

Brown furs have most likely occurred because of the genes mutation

Source = He Xin

Experts are now finding a mate for him

Source = He Xin

This would also help in their study of the brown furs. They would observe and study his child.

Qizai is happy at the Foping Panda Valley

Source = He Xin

If you want to say 'hello' to Qizai, you can find him here

Source = Worldnews01

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