This Rare Piglet Squid is Just Adorable and Cuter Than the Real Piglet

The ocean is full of strange creatures, most of which cannot be understood by everyone. Read some facts about piglet squid here.

3 years ago
This Rare Piglet Squid is Just Adorable and Cuter Than the Real Piglet

You must have seen adorable creatures on the earth. While some look dangerous, others are cute as hell and can be owned as a pet. When it comes to sea creatures, starfish, green sea turtles, dumbo octopus, and the leafy sea dragon are the most adorable sea animals. 

In 2019, the researchers found a cute piglet squid deep in the Pacific Ocean. The animal was captured on the camera by the E/V Nautilus team when they were exploring the Palmyra Atoll. They found it at 4500ft in the sea and spent time with this small marine animal. 

It Has Tentacles Flared Above Its Head

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The researchers explained, 

“The animals are] able to regulate buoyancy with an ammonia-filled internal chamber, this stunning squid has often observed with its tentacles flared above its head. Squids, like other cephalopods, move using a structure called a siphon to pull and push the surrounding water like a jet pump.” 

They further said,

“This cephalopod, Helicocranchia pfefferi aka the piglet squid, gained its name for the enlarged siphon that resembles a snout. Able to regulate buoyancy with an ammonia-filled internal chamber, this stunning squid is often observed with its tentacles flared above its head like a wild hairdo or as one team member called it - reindeer antlers.”  

The scientists confirmed that this beauty is so named for its round shape and swine looking snout used to siphon water like a jet pump. 

"What are you?" 

One of the voices in the video can be heard asking, as the small creature came into view- 

"Is that a squid? I think it's a squid. It's like a bloated squid with tiny tentacles and a little hat that's waving around. And it looks like it's got a massive, inflated mantle cavity. I've never seen anything quite like this before.”

Source: EVNautilus

Piglet Squids are Known to be Sluggish Swimmers

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The piglet squid is only a few centimeters in length and considered to be the cutest creatures on the earth. It is small in size and therefore can’t be studied and understood well. They are filled with water and are known as sluggish swimmers. 

It also has a large light-producing organ known as a photophore, which is located beneath its eyes. Its body is clear, and you can see its internal organs. Its body consists of a large funnel with small paddle-like fins. It does not have valves and contains a dorsal pad with three papillae organs. 

The piglet squid is not a new creature. It was first captured in 1907 and is known as Helicocranchia pfefferi. This little animal is 4 inches long and lives in the mesopelagic zone of the ocean. When captured closely, it looks like wearing lipstick and having long eyelashes. 

Facts About Piglet Squid

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1. The scientific name of Piglet Squid is Helicocranchia pfefferi. Not much information is known about this creature. This is because it lives in the extreme nature of its natural habitat. 

2. It is one of the smallest known species and measures approximately 9.9 cm. Throughout its life, this animal is transparent. Later, the adults turn into reddish-brown. The reason for this is not known. 

3. Researchers discovered that this small creature changes its color to purple when giving birth. 

4. The majority of this animal can be found in the North Atlantic regions. The exact population of Piglet Squid is not known. Also, researchers are trying to know their diet habits and nature. However, it is assumed that it eats small fishes and invertebrates. 

5. The main body of the piglet consists of three parts - the head, the circle of arms and tentacles, and the mantle and fin. When the squid was captured live, it was red, and this could be the sign that it was under stress. 

This piglet is cuter than the real piglet. Do you know other facts about Piglet Squid? If so, share the information below. 


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