12 Oh-So Relatable Comic Strips Depicting a Mom’s Daily Struggles in Quarantine

What are you doing in lockdown- spending time with family? Maybe! But this mommy is fed up with her kids and shares her everyday struggles on social media.

4 years ago
12 Oh-So Relatable Comic Strips Depicting a Mom’s Daily Struggles in Quarantine

Ever since the coronavirus pandemic is in the news, several restrictions have been put on our daily activities. People are not allowed to go outside, food safety measures have become a priority, and they are connecting their friends online. Indeed, COVID-19 has changed everyone’s lifestyle in several ways. 

But one thing that has not changed is the mother’s routine. Every mother, be it a housewife or working, is struggling with kids. In this quarantine period, mothers are doing household chores, plus cooking extra for their kids. Also, when kids do not have to go the school, have no homework, what they do is eat and play. 

Amid this serious situation, people are finding ways to work on their hobbies. While some are reading books, others are learning difficult languages. But mothers are not getting time to improve or work on their skills because their kids are not allowing them to do so. Every parent is struggling in this quarantine and waiting for this period to get over soon. Even some shared the situations they are facing in this quarantine on social media. 

Recently, Olga Alexeeva, a Ukrainian artist, described every parent situation in this lockdown period comically, and every mother is finding this relatable. Check out the illustrations that she shared on social media. 

1. Let Me Fix This Blanket

Source = Brightside

Oh no! He woke up.

2. I Wish Would Have Four Hands

Source = Brightside

He won’t let me do my work silently. 

3. When Mom Becomes a Doctor

Source = Brightside

Maybe! He is tired after playing for so long. 

4. The Happiness When a Kid Speaks for the First Time

Source = Brightside

I was waiting when he would speak. But not this way! I am irritated. 

5. When You Purchase Stroller, But it is of No Use

Source = Brightside

I bought this stroller at a hefty price, can you use it at least once till you start walking?

6. The Family That Includes Husband, Wife, Baby, and Pets

Source = Brightside

I miss our Me and You time. 

7. HAHA! This is Every Home's Story

Source = Brightside

Parents can’t eat chocolates when kids are around.

8. No Matter What, Mom Would Always be There for You

Source = Brightside

Kid - Thanks, mom, for having my back.

9. When Your Kid Messes with Food Every Time

Source = Brightside

I wonder how many pairs of dresses a mom keeps in her kids wardrobe. 

10. OMG! How Fast is He Growing

Source = Brightside

What would I do with the dress that I purchased a few days back?

11. When Kid is Around, You Forget What Silence is

Source = Brightside

Expectations and reality are different in this case. 

12. You Can’t Eat Something Alone

Source = Brightside

No! I didn’t invite you. 

Final Words

If you are a working parent and managing your mischievous kids in this quarantine, then you should be proud of yourself. Meanwhile, when your kids fall asleep, here are some movies that could make you forget about the struggles for a while. 

What do you think about these hilarious creations by a mommy? If you find this relatable, then don’t forget to share your stories.


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