10 Delectable Sandwiches Of All Time You Should Eat Right Now

Can you imagine a world without sandwiches? Just imagine when there is no bread, butter, and meat to get on together! Don’t cry! Feel happy as the world is full of this delectable snack.

6 years ago
10 Delectable Sandwiches Of All Time You Should Eat Right Now

You must have heard the saying – “life is like a sandwich the more you add to it, the better it becomes”. Having said that, there are tons and tons of sandwiches out in there, but which one is your favorite? Can you just put ‘one’ in your favorite list? Well, the choices are endless for this tempting and mouth-watering staple. Right from the meatball sub to a normal cheese sandwich every wrap is delicious in taste and excites the foodie to have a bite. The sandwiches listed here are not just yummy, they are iconic.

Note – By the end of this list, you might feel hungry….

1. The Cuban Sandwich

Source = Seriouseats

The Cuban sandwich is prepared with leftover roast pork from a suckling pig, cheese, mustard, dill pickles all filled onto Cuban bread. Afterall, what makes any sandwich a tempting one? Bread, ingredients or all the components when merged together? No matter whatever the formula is, the Cuban sandwich is a delightful snack you will never regret.

2. Meatball Sub

Source = Rickontherocks

Big thanks to the genius who discovered Meatball sub. This delectable snack firstly needs a good choice of meatballs and secondly a great sauce. Once you have these two ingredients in a place, you don’t have to worry about other details. Moreover, sliced mozzarella on the top of meatball is surely a treat to empty stomach.

3. Triple Decker Grilled Cheese

Source = Tripadvisor

Why settle for a single cheese sandwich when you can add three different cheese slices on bread? If you are bored of tasting the normal cheese sandwich which is offered by store nearby you, try making triple decker grilled cheese at home. Just because you are grown up now, it clearly doesn’t mean that you can’t relish the flavors of your favorite childhood eats. Add, sharp cheddar, mozzarella, and cream cheese to make it more scrumptious.

4. Chicken and Waffle Sandwiches

Source = Bonappetit

Can you think of preparing a sandwich with a waffle and chicken? Sounds weird? But this amazing combination of chicken and waffle has surprised every foodie. Crispy fried chicken and cheese waffles, make the greatest sandwich in the world.

5. Roasted Cauliflower Sliders

Source = List25

Who doesn’t adore tiny sized sandwiches? Now that you know all kinds of sandwiches are filled with cheese or looks like a burger a new version of sandwich with roasted cauliflower is a treat that you can’t miss. The word cauliflower in sandwich doesn’t match at all, but the cauliflower slider is very much delicious, healthy and a power pack combo you can have anytime. (5.1)

6. The Jibarito

Source = Wp

What ingredients do you think when you order a sandwich? Different mixes of veggies, cheese etc on a bread aren’t it? But what if you were said that there’s a sandwich which doesn’t contain bread? Yes, the Jibarito sandwich is made with fried green plantains, instead of bread and also includes garlic flavored mayonnaise and a filling including cheese and tomato. The Jibarito is really a delight to crave your hunger.

7. Muffuletta

Source = Digestny

A quick toss of celery, parsley, vinegar, roasted peppers and olive oil together as a salad when filled with inside a bread not only tastes delicious but also a gorgeous addition to the gettogether. So, how about a fresh take on this classy sandwich?

8. Chickpea Burger

Source = Sndimg

You can’t go wrong with Chickpea Burger, it is healthy, tasty and looks good when served. With healthy ingredients like chickpea, carrots, egg and different flavors it might sway your choice of not eating red meat again and again.

9. Club Sandwich

Source = Bbcgoodfood

The club sandwich is the greatest of all time as it helps you as an option when you are confused in choosing one of the menus. It is the classic pick of people especially when the waiter needs to know your order and you are damn confused. You can never go wrong with the club sandwich, as it always tastes delicious.

10. The Primanti

Source = Goldbely

French fries are adored by people of all ages. Now think of a sandwich filled with French fries and coleslaw. The Primanti is a combination of the traditional sandwich filled with tomato, coleslaw between the Italian bread. The sandwich is needed to be eaten speedily as those potato fries get moist and fold themselves into a puddle. (7.2)


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