10 Sweet Treat Ideas for Your Kid’s Birthday Bash

Prep yourself for your tiny tot’s birthday bash. Get inspired with these amazing birthday treat ideas and make his next birthday sweeter and merrier.

6 years ago
10 Sweet Treat Ideas for Your Kid’s Birthday Bash

Brainstorming creative ideas for your kid’s birthday treats every year can feel daunting. Whether you’re looking for a decadent treat or a bite-sized one, we have come up with what makes for a perfect birthday dessert or treat for any and every sweet-toothed kid.

Take a cue and get inspired from these drool-worthy sweet treats for your kid’s birthday bash. We’re pretty sure your tiny tot and his chums would love them!

1. Cookies & Cream Dessert Pizza

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What happens when pizza, cream, and cookies come together, you get an insanely amazing and yummy dessert ‘Cookies & Cream Dessert Pizza’. It’s topped with Oreos, marshmallow fluff, and chocolate chunks. And if you like it your way, you may add your favorite sweets and fruits too.

2. Dress Up Donuts

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You can do so much with a donut. You can dress it all up like a cute minion or a vampire (that’s not-so-spooky!) or any of the kid’s favorite cartoons. Make donut your canvas and dab on the icing using a brush to create cute or funky imagery.

3. Licorice Rainbows

Source = Grkids

Birthdays on rainy days and the spring season demand rainbowy treats. And what’s better than colorful rainbow licorice candies! Plate a rainbow scene by using licorice candies and accompany it with mini marshmallows and chocolate-filled gold coins.

4. Butterfly Snack Bag

Source = Blogspot

Pinterest’s favorite ‘Butterfly Snack Bag’ is surely a brilliant b’day treat. You can fill it with goldfish crackers and fruits. Twist a pipe cleaner or make it fancy with a clothespin version and customize it for each kid’s name.

5. Brownie Pops

Source = Edge-generalmills

A fun and chocolatey twist to an ice cream treat, brownie pops can make anyone’s eyes pop. These are made with regular old brownie mix, sprinkles, and popsicles. The melted almond bark and food coloring give “popsicles” their colorful coating.

6. Sparkling Birthday Sixlets

Source = Korean1stbirthday

This is exactly what you call a sparkling, sprinkling birthday cake! You can’t help but gorge on this gorgeous cake. It’s made with the classic six-let coated chocolate candies and it has got what it takes to be a showstopper sweet treat.

7. Monster Mash Cake

Source = Cloudfront

If your little one is a monster-lover, he’d go crazy seeing this one! With monster-y goodness, this critter cake has pop eyeballs with chocolate chips and fuzzy fur-looking icing. It’s as good as a Halloween party snack.

8. Candy Kabobs

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Cherry-pick your child’s favorite candies and create creative, colorful, and yummy candy kabobs by cutting down large pieces and putting them on toothpicks.

9. Jarred Cupcakes

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Jarred desserts are cool and all the rage these days. The sweet jarred cupcakes are a perfect example of why that’s so! Once you’re done baking and cooling your cupcakes, simply cut the cake’s bottom and place it in the jar. Pipe in a frosting layer and add the middle of the cupcake and then keep adding cake and icing layers alternatively. After you have reached the jar top, shower colorful sprinkles, and you're all set!

10. Pretzels With Sugar on Top

Source = Blogspot

Dipped in melted chocolate & sprinkles, perky pretzel rods are a real birthday treat. You can even dip them into caramel and mini chocolate chips for an added delight.


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